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Low Price Alumina Blasting Company South Korea

The operation of the mixed bed can be divided into eight steps(silicon carbide grit): pure water manufacturing, backwashing layered anion resin regeneration, positive washing, positive washing, mixed resin, positive washing until the water quality meets the requirements. The backwashing time is within 15 minutes, and the backwashing flow rate is generally controlled at about 10 m / h(silicon carbide grit suppliers). There is an obvious interface between the two resins.

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The last seven steps belong to the range of regenerated resin(carborundum abrasives). Because the regeneration operation of the mixed bed is more complex, the regeneration methods are also divided into the in column regeneration method and the out column regeneration method(carborundum grit suppliers). When the resistivity of the effluent from the mixed bed is reduced to the standard of water production, positive resin regeneration, the bed will fail and must be regenerated.

(low price alumina blasting company south korea)Regardless of the regeneration method, the ions in the mixed bed must be stratified(brown fused alumina). Layering is to use the different proportion and expansion rate of cation resin and anion resin to carry out forced flow backwashing. After backwashing, the two resins have different settling speed, so as to achieve the purpose of layering(aluminum oxide sandblasting). After stratification, the proportion of anion resin is small, in the upper layer, the cation resin is in the lower layer.

In order to avoid the pollution of cation resin by alkali and anion resin wash out substances(brown aluminum oxide), while passing through anion resin through NaOH solution, the raw water passes through the brain layer of cation tree from bottom to top as the supporting layer, after stratification(silicon carbide 180 grit), and the waste sodium hydroxide regeneration liquid is discharged from the drain pipe at the M interface of cation tree at the same time.(low price alumina blasting company south korea)

For the out column regeneration method(brown aluminium oxide), when the cation resin is regenerated, the acid enters from the bottom, and the waste acid is discharged from the drain pipe at the interface of the cation resin. Most of the equipment used in the production of lead ammonium sulfate belongs to chemical equipment(black silicon carbide powder). After the regeneration treatment, the anion resin is sent to the Zhenghe ion exchange column by water.

(low price alumina blasting company south korea)Similarly, in order to prevent the acid from entering the anion resin layer(silicon carbide price), a certain amount of pure water (or water treated by the previous water preparation device) shall be introduced from top to bottom. After the acid is connected, pure water shall be introduced at the same speed from top to bottom for washing(carborundum grit). The washing end point can control the resistivity of the washing wastewater to be more than 1 × 10 ° ohm Limi.

In the first stage, the anion resin is transferred out for regeneration(aluminum oxide abrasive), that is, the anion resin is sent into a special regeneration column by water power, and then the anion resin and the attached tree are regenerated respectively. This method is accurate, fast, continuous, and can be made into corresponding water quality control instruments and recording instruments(silicon carbide abrasive grit). The determination of C1 ion is by silver nitrate.(low price alumina blasting company south korea)

After regeneration, the resin in the bed must be mixed(aluminum oxide grit). Mixing is by means of compressed air. When mixing, the compressed air enters from the bottom of the exchange column and is discharged from the exhaust pipe. The pressure is controlled at 1 ~ 1.5 kg / cm. The resin mixing time mainly depends on whether it is evenly mixed(green silicon carbide powder). Generally, about five minutes is enough. If the time is too long, the resin will be easily damaged.

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