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Most of the cathode degreasing is used(green carborundum), but it should be noted that hydrogen-absorbing metals are prone to hydrogen embrittlement and affect the mechanical properties of the parts, especially when the current density is large, this phenomenon is more likely to occur. Pickling varies according to different metal materials and processing requirements(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). Metal pretreatment is the first step of chemical etching processing.

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Electrolytic degreasing is divided into cathode degreasing and anode degreasing(silicon carbide price). Only products with qualified pretreatment can provide a reliable combination for subsequent anti-corrosion processing. Therefore, the best way is to use a change-over switch to continuously change the direction of the current when removing oil from the cathode to prevent hydrogen testing from happening(white aluminum oxide 220 grit), so I won't introduce it here.(low price alumina company malaysia)

The room temperature water cleaning tank can be made of hard PVC, and the new water is replaced by 2%-6% every minute(fused alumina). In the cleaning process, room temperature water washing and hot water washing can also be combined(glass bead blasting media suppliers). However, when cleaning, it is necessary to pay attention to the difference between alkaline washing and acid washing followed by room temperature water washing or hot water washing first.

(low price alumina company malaysia)In the water cleaning process, large workpieces or workpieces with complex surface shapes need to be stirred with air(brown aluminium oxide), and the washing water must often be made of phenol to determine its acidity and alkalinity. One thing that must be remembered: the workpiece cannot be stopped after degreasing and before cleaning(steel grid), because the degreasing agent is extremely difficult to remove when cleaning after the metal surface is dry.

The use of dry electricity to remove oil is less(arc fused alumina). Flowing room temperature water washing is also an effective method, because flowing room temperature water is also easy to dissolve and wash the degreaser. No matter which method is used for decontamination treatment, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the workpiece after treatment is degreasing(garnet suppliers). H2SO3, hydrochloric acid, HNO and hydrofluoric acid can all be used as pickling materials.

The commonly used inspection method is(brown fused alumina): take the work piece that has been degreasing treatment, pickled and washed out of the clean water, and there should be a continuous water film on the surface of the work piece, and this water film is qualified for 30s. After the metal parts are degreasing in alkaline, there is a dark film on the surface, especially the aluminum alloy(garnet abrasive). This dark film must be removed by pickling.(low price alumina company malaysia)

Pickling is generally performed at room temperature(silicon carbide companies). Formula 1 is suitable for pickling of aluminum and alloy: Formula 2 is suitable for pickling of cast aluminum alloy: Formula 3 is suitable for pickling of copper or steel parts: Formula 4 is suitable for pickling of stainless steel parts; Formula 5 is suitable for copper And pickling of alloy parts(glass beads supplier). If this requirement is not met, oil removal treatment should be performed again.

(low price alumina company malaysia)The metals that need to be roughened are mainly copper and alloy parts(brown aluminum oxide). After roughening, pickling is unnecessary; if formula 2 is adopted, the surface oxide layer should be removed by pickling after roughening(black oxide aluminum). The advantage of hot water cleaning is that it can keep the micropores on the surface of the workpiece open, which makes it easier to wash away the residual degreaser on the surface of the workpiece.

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