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The hydrogen absorption of titanium alloy after chemical corrosion mainly depends on the following four factors(aluminum oxide abrasive): the material used (including the heat treatment state of the material used); the type of corrosive solution used; whether one side is chemically corroded or both sides are chemically corroded; and the remaining metal thickness after chemical corrosion(emery abrasive). At room temperature, pure titanium has hexagonal structure, i.e. a phase.

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When it is about 885 ℃, it transforms into body centered cubic structure, i.e. β phase(black silicon carbide). They all play an important role in the stability of β phase of titanium. On the other hand, titanium has strong affinity for oxygen and is easy to form oxides. It makes the alloy material warping and even whole fracture without loading(brown fused aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). Because the absorption of hydrogen will be very large, special corrosive solution should be sought for these materials.

(low price alumina wholesale suppliers lithuania)Copper, sail, nickel and button can be completely dissolved in body centered cubic titanium(white fused alumina). Complex, copper and manganese can form β eutectoid alloy with titanium. Most of the titanium alloys used in modern times are composed of a phase and β phase. They can be designed to meet the best balance of strength and processability(aluminum oxide grit). When the corrosion depth increases, the hydrogen content in the residual metal after chemical corrosion increases.

For many kinds of AF alloys, the closer the alloy structure is to β phase structure, the effect of hydrogen absorption is serious(silicon carbide abrasive). Titanium absorbs hydrogen in the process of corrosion, which causes the risk of hydrogen embrittlement, which is much more serious than that of steel(80 grit aluminum oxide for cerakote). On the one hand, the composition of the corrosion solution itself can affect whether titanium can absorb the hydrogen generated in the chemical corrosion process.(low price alumina wholesale suppliers lithuania)

It has been found that all transition elements can be used as stabilizers(white aluminum oxide). Oxygen and chlorine are easy to penetrate and dissolve in the alloy just like hydrogen. A small amount of oxygen and nitrogen can obviously improve the hardness and strength of the alloy(aluminum oxide 80-90 grit). However, the hardness and strength of the titanium alloy did not increase significantly when the hydrogen penetrated into the void and dissolved in the titanium alloy, but the brittleness of the titanium alloy increased significantly.

(low price alumina wholesale suppliers lithuania)The difference between the main used corrosive solutions (hydrogen bottle acid, chloric acid nitric acid, hydrochloric acid chromic acid, etc.) is relatively small(green silicon carbide). For most alloys, the hydrogen absorption is the least when chemical corrosion is carried out in the corrosive solution composed of oxidizing chloric acid and nitric acid(synthetic corundum). If pure β - phase alloys are used, it is impossible to use the existing chemical etching methods.

It can be seen that when the titanium alloy plate is subjected to double corrosion, more hydrogen will be absorbed than when only one surface is chemically corroded(white corundum). The analysis results show that when the thickness of single-sided chemical corrosion is about 0.25 mm-0.51 mm, and the thickness of double-sided chemical corrosion is about 0.51 mm-1.02 mm(low soda alumina), the hydrogen absorption capacity will increase sharply under the above two conditions.

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