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Low Price Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers Italy

The characteristic of two body wear is that hard particles act directly on the surface of the material to be ground(white aluminum oxide grit). The characteristic of three body wear is that the hard particles are between the two worn surfaces. But the width and depth of the chip are very small, so the cutting is also very small, so it is called micro cutting(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). Micro cutting wear is a common wear, especially in fixed abrasive wear and chisel wear.

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Gouging wear is mainly caused by the abrasive grains containing large abrasive particles with sharp edges and corners(aluminium oxide abrasive grit), which can tear out large particles or fragments on the material surface and form deep furrows or deep pits on the surface of the abrasives due to high stress and accompanying impact on the material surface(low soda alumina), the other side has sliding steps, which often occurs when transporting or crushing large abrasive materials.

(low price aluminium oxide manufacturers italy)It can be seen that abrasive wear should be included in the comprehensive results of physicochemical action and mechanical action of abrasive(alumina abrasive), while mushroom wear only includes mechanical action of particles. Under the microscope, these micro chips still have the same characteristics as the chips on the machine tool, that is, and some of them are curly(240 grit aluminum oxide). The typical parts are the ball and liner of ball mill, and the roller of roller crusher.

In addition, abrasive wear can also be divided into fixed abrasive wear and free abrasive wear according to relative motion(fused aluminum oxide). The former, such as sandpaper, emery cloth, grinding wheel, file and bearing alloy with hard points, is abrasive wear. The reason is: the latter like sand, dust, bulk hard materials and metal wear when grinding(white fused aluminium oxide). According to the number of wear surface, it can be divided into two body wear and three body wear.

Abrasive wear mechanism refers to how the material is worn after the friction contact between the surface material and the abrasive, that is, how the debris of the material falls off the surface(brown corundum powder). As far as this mechanism is concerned, it is not completely clear, and there are still some controversies(60 grit aluminum oxide). In this section, one side is smooth, we can only comprehensively discuss the mechanism proposed by some researchers for reference.(low price aluminium oxide manufacturers italy)

In another case, the micro cutting wear mechanism, the force of abrasive particles on the material surface can be divided into normal force and tangential force(46 grit aluminum oxide). The normal force makes the abrasive particles press into the surface; the tangential force makes the abrasive particles push forward(silicon carbide grit). When the shape of the abrasive particles is appropriate to the motion direction, the abrasive particles will cut on the surface like a tool to form chips.

(low price aluminium oxide manufacturers italy)It is the main mechanism of material surface wear(pink alumina). The results show that the shape of abrasive grains is round; the edges and corners of abrasive grains are not facing the direction of motion in the process of ploughing(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media); Khrushchev pointed out that micro cutting plays a major role in the whole wear process and estimated its probability when he carried out experiments on his fixed abrasive x-4d testing machine in the early years.

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