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Low Price Aluminium Oxide Material For Blasting Qatar

The effect of temperature is the decisive factor, which causes chemical attack and thermal stress destruction(steel grid). In fact, it is the result of the combined action of various factors, especially the effect of temperature. Many countries have done a lot of research work on the damage mechanism of refractory materials used in blast furnace blast furnace slag and the composition of slag skin(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit). The furnace lining is damaged. Carbon stretches like filaments on iron carbide.

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Japan observed the deposited carbon in the cracks of the used furnace liner metamorphic layer by electron microscopy(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The catalyst for carbon deposition is not iron oxide or iron, but iron carbide produced by them(white aluminum oxide sand). That is, the iron oxide in the refractory material is reduced to metallic iron, and then, due to the formation of iron carbide, and the United States conducted blast furnace disintegration investigations, the decomposition of carbon Qin occurs.

(low price aluminium oxide material for blasting qatar)On the prospecting layer, the reaction formula is as follows: Refractory bricks are composed of multiphase materials, which contain a certain amount of iron oxide(brown fused alumina). During the production process, various pores, micro cracks and other defects were generated in the refractory bricks. When masonry, there are a lot of brick joints(white fused alumina make company). The above situation creates favorable conditions for the penetration of solid, liquid and gaseous reactants in the blast furnace.

In the process of damage, for the mullite phase-based aluminum silicate refractory bricks(brown aluminum oxide), the utilization factor increased by about 20%, the coke ratio decreased by nearly 5%, the labor productivity increased by about 40%, and the unit investment decreased by about 13%. In addition, mechanical wear and iron erosion are also important reasons(aluminium oxide for blasting). At the same time, unshaped refractory materials on the furnace wall have also been applied.(low price aluminium oxide material for blasting qatar)

For this reason, Japan, the Soviet Union(aluminum oxide blasting), gaining a better understanding of the conditions in the furnace and a new understanding of the damage mechanism of the wall. In the study of the disintegration of blast furnace, it was found that the carbon deposition phenomenon not only occurred in the range of 400 ~ 800 ℃ and in the refractory bricks with high gasified iron content(brown fused alumina for abrasive), but also was resistant at above 800 ℃ and low iron oxide content.

(low price aluminium oxide material for blasting qatar)In the range of 400 ~ 650 ℃, the reaction is most likely to occur(garnet abrasive). This deposited phosphorus is formed by the reduction of C by strong alkali or zinc at high temperature. There are intrusion and deposition of carbon, strong alkali and zinc in various parts of the blast furnace, and the penetration of the furnace belly, waist and lower part of the Shanghai body is harmful The most material(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor), so the damage to the lining is also the most severe.

This means that the rate of chemical attack is a function of the temperature of the working surface of the furnace lining(garnet suppliers), that is, the temperature is reduced to a certain degree, and the chemical reaction will be terminated, that is, the attack is very slow. Of course, in the last ten meters, the intensity of commercial furnaces has continued to increase(aluminum oxide sandblasting), and the use of furnace lining has decreased. Deposited carbon, its appearance is smoky.(low price aluminium oxide material for blasting qatar)

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