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Low Price Aluminium Oxide Polishing Compound Pakistan

In order to reduce the polarization, it is necessary to use the material which has the minimum over-voltage for the precipitated gas to make the plate(silicon carbide abrasive powder). The electrode polarization is also related to the current density. The production cost largely depends on the power consumption(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). Electric energy consumption is determined by the amount of electricity consumed in the electrolysis process and the voltage at which it passes.

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Hydrogen is very permeable and its molecules can penetrate into the structure of the material(aluminum oxide blasting). This is to prevent hydrogen from seeping into the cylinder and mixing with oxygen to form detonation gas, which may cause explosion. Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table and belongs to the first group of alkali metals(wholesale brown fused alumina). In normal operation, adjust the pressure of hydrogen and oxygen to make the pressure of the two gases the same.(low price aluminium oxide polishing compound pakistan)

When the applied pressure is removed, the infiltrated hydrogen will not be left behind, but will remain in the material(carborundum powder). Due to hydrogen permeation, the structure of the infiltrated material changes, the strength of the material decreases and the mirror changes. The phenomenon that the material becomes brittle due to the penetration of the button is called hydrogen wheel(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). The voltage should be measured once a month in order to judge the insulation of electrolytic cell.

In the production of Nanyu products, hydrogen penetration and hydrogen embrittlement should be paid attention to in the steel cylinders or other containers containing hydrogen(silicon carbide grit suppliers), which will lead to welding explosion accidents. Its chemical properties are similar to those of alkali metals. Hydrogen can also react with other non-metallic compounds, such as chlorine(brown fused alumina suppliers). This reaction should be carried out under the conditions of catalyst, high temperature and high pressure.

(low price aluminium oxide polishing compound pakistan)Due to the different output of the two gases in electrolysis, hydrogen is twice the amount of oxygen, and the pressure of hydrogen is often higher than that of oxygen(brown fused alumina). At this time, the pressure at both ends of the electrolytic chamber is not the same, which will cause electrolytic hydraulic pressure to pass through the mold, which will damage the diaphragm. At present, DY-24 to electrolyzer is widely used(low density white alumina). The greater the pressure, the deeper the penetration.

The procedure of maintenance ditch is opposite to that of installation(brown aluminum oxide). The rated voltage is 230 V, and the cell voltage should be between 1.9-2.3 v. if the difference between the rated voltage and the rated voltage is too large, it should be repaired in time. When using, first check whether the line is installed correctly, and then turn on the cooling water to maintain the pressure of 1kg / cm(aluminium oxide polishing powder). At the same time, the corresponding indicator light will indicate the serial number of the fuse.

The power supply of the electrolyzer is DC. At first, the DC generator is driven by AC motor to supply DC power to the electrolyzer(brown aluminium oxide). This power supply mode is no longer used because of its low conversion efficiency and large paste consumption. Now it's using transformers and silicon rectifiers. The transformer used is rectifier transformer, which is matched with silicon rectifier equipment(alumina polishing powder). Its power is 180 kW, the input voltage is 380 V, and the output voltage is 184 v.(low price aluminium oxide polishing compound pakistan)

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