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Low Price Aluminium Oxide Polishing Powder USA

In all kinds of industrial sectors, the metallurgical industry uses the most dense furnaces, and the service conditions are harsh(green carborundum). The unit consumption of refractories refers to the ratio of the total quantity of refractories for metallurgical closed furnace to the steel output(aluminum oxide 40 grit). At present, it is equivalent to the level of foreign countries in the 1950s, increasing production rate, and built into a comprehensive or composite lining.

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The consumption of refractories accounts for about 70% of its total output, of which the proportion of refractories consumed by smelting furnaces and their auxiliary equipment is larger(silicon carbide price). Therefore, the ratio of total output of refractories to steel output (i.e. comprehensive consumption of refractories) is usually used to measure the technical level of refractories and smelting and the general situation of refractories for kilns(white fused alumina for refractory).

The selection of refractories and their consumption are also different with different service conditions of industrial kilns(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). Its comprehensive consumption is decreasing year by year, which is due to the improvement of the quality and variety of refractories in various countries(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). The unit consumption of refractories is also an important indicator to measure the technical level of refractories and the status of industrial kilns.

It should be noted that Japan's comprehensive consumption has been in the leading position in the world since about 1970, reaching 23.3kg/ton steel in 1981(white aluminum oxide grit). As we all know, the comprehensive consumption of refractories in China is very high, about 1-4 times of that in advanced countries(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). Although its comprehensive consumption has been reduced every year, its range is not large. In 1980, it was still about 110 kg / ton of steel.

In 1970, 25.8, 34.0 and 44.0 kg / ton steel were used as refractory single cabinets in the United States, West Germany and Britain, respectively(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), and by 1976, they were reduced to 21.0, 30.0 and 37.0 kg / ton steel respectively. Japan is the country with the lowest consumption of refractory materials in the world, with 15.2 kg / ton steel in 1981(high purity fused aluminum oxide), including 9.1 kg / ton boiler for refractory bricks and 6.1 kg / ton steel for amorphous refractory materials.

For this reason, the lining is generally made of high-quality or special refractory bricks and amorphous refractory materials(white fused alumina). The operation conditions of industrial kilns are becoming more and more severe(silicon carbide companies). In addition, it can be seen that the output of refractory brick is declining, and the output of unfixed refractory material is rising slightly, which is also the general trend of refractory development in various countries.

With the increase of steel output, the output of refractories decreased and the consumption also decreased(white aluminum oxide), that is, from 29.1 kg / ton steel in 1970 to 15.3 kg / ton steel in 1980, the unit consumption of firebrick and non shaped refractory materials was 9.5 kg / ton and 5.8 kg / ton respectively, as well as the improvement of industrial kilns and operation technology(aluminium oxide 36 grit), and obtaining excellent technical and economic results.

The latter two types of furnaces are also widely used in new oxygen converter steelmaking plants(white corundum). At the same time, the operation level of technology is generally improved, which is conducive to prolonging the service life of kilns, reducing consumption. Only in this way can we meet the needs of the development of modern industrial technology and achieve the goal of long life(black silicon carbide factory), high yield and low consumption of the kiln.

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