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Low Price Aluminium Oxide Powder Manufacturers Hungary

The current exposure machine is divided into air cooling and water cooling according to the cooling mode of light source(brown fused alumina). The spectral absorption curve of domestic dry film shows that the absorption region is 310mm ~ 440nm(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). Due to the obstruction of oxygen or other harmful impurities in the dry film, it needs to go through an induction process in the photoperiod.

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From the spectral energy distribution of several kinds of light sources(black alumina), we can see that pin lamp, high voltage lamp and iodine shock lamp have relatively large relative vehicle intensity in the wavelength range of 310nm-440nm, which are ideal light sources for dry film exposure(pink aluminium oxide). Under ultraviolet light, photoinitiators absorb light energy and decompose into free radicals, and the monomer polymerization is very small.(low price aluminium oxide powder manufacturers hungary)

The free radicals initiate the polymerization and crosslinking reaction of non polymerized monomers(pink fused alumina). After the reaction, the macromolecular structure of insoluble dry dilute alkali solution is formed. In addition to the performance of dry film photoresist, the selection of light source(low density white alumina), the control of exposure time and the quality of photographic plate are all important factors affecting the image quality of panning.

(low price aluminium oxide powder manufacturers hungary)If the main spectral emission peak of a certain light source overlaps or most of the absorption peak of a dry film, it indicates that the two match well and the drinking effect is good(black aluminium oxide). In this process, the free radicals generated by the decomposition of initiator are consumed by oxygen and impurities(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit). It is very important to control the exposure time to obtain excellent dry film corrosion resistance image.

After the light source is selected, the light source with high power should also be considered(black aluminum oxide blast media), because the light source has high intensity, high resolution, and the h light seeking time is short, and the degree of thermal deformation of photographic plate is small(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). In the exposure process, the polymerization of dry film is not completed in an instant, but through the following process(exposure amount).

This is the rapid consumption stage of photosensitive monomer, which takes up a small proportion of time in the process of light leakage(black fused alumina). Any kind of dry film has its own unique spectral absorption curve, and any kind of light source also has its own emission spectrum curve. In the process of etching or electroplating, the film warps, permeates and even falls off(wholesale brown fused alumina). The low light is not suitable for drinking dry film.(low price aluminium oxide powder manufacturers hungary)

When the induction period is over, the photopolymerization of monomers proceeds quickly(black aluminum oxide media), and the viscosity of the adhesive film increases rapidly, which is close to the mutation degree. When most of the monomers are consumed, they enter the unit depletion region, and the photopolymerization has been completed(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). Chewing light is generally carried out in the automatic double-sided exposure machine.

(low price aluminium oxide powder manufacturers hungary)When the exposure is insufficient(pink alumina), due to the incomplete polymerization of monomers, the film swells and softens, the lines are not clear, the color is dim, and it is degummed. What's more serious is that incorrect exposure will lead to the deviation of image linewidth(brown fused alumina suppliers), and excessive exposure will make the lines of graphic electron microscope thinner and the etched lines of printed circuit board become thicker.

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