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Therefore, understanding the structure of liquid cast iron is an important aspect of producing perfect iron castings(white fused alumina). The atomic coordination number mentioned here is equivalent to the number of atoms in the sphere with the radius of the first coordination layer of atoms, which has similar meaning with the coordination number of solid crystal(synthetic corundum). At the same temperature, the carbon activity increases with the increase of carbon concentration.

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The structure of liquid cast iron will be changed because of the different high carbon phases in the charge(white aluminum oxide). When graphite and supersaturated liquid iron coexist in equilibrium, the activity of graphite is equal to 1. When carbon exceeds its solubility in molten iron, graphite precipitates. This is because the increase of carbon content makes the vacancy of carbon atom decrease and the activity of carbon atom increases(emery abrasive). But overheating cannot completely eliminate the "genetic" effect.(low price aluminum oxide 16 grit producers canada)

When calculating the reaction of FERROCARBON alloy melt by metallurgical thermodynamics(silicon carbide abrasive), the carbon activity is usually 1% C solution as the standard state, and the pure graphite is taken as the standard state in the study of the crystallization transformation process of cast iron, and its activity is set as 1. Therefore, the activity is still equal to L in the liquid-solid coexistence region of Hypereutectic(garnet abrasive). There are also oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and other gas elements in liquid cast iron.

(low price aluminum oxide 16 grit producers canada)For molten iron with the same composition(green silicon carbide), the carbon activity increases with the decrease of temperature, and the stability of C-C clusters is improved correspondingly, and the bond strength is relatively enhanced. C-fe clusters are easily maintained in hot metal with high superheat(steel grid). Under the rapid cooling of molten iron, this kind of atomic group can be retained to the solidification temperature and promote the precipitation of cementite.

There are coarse graphite in cast pig iron (gray iron), and a large amount of cementite in steel-making pig iron (white iron). If these high carbon materials are not fully melted in the melting process(black silicon carbide), some of them still exist in the heterogeneous state, they will become the "seeds" of atomic clusters in molten iron(garnet suppliers). The unmelted graphite particles either directly become graphite nuclei or form C-C atomic clusters to promote graphite nucleation.

The final infiltration alkali can produce many c-fe atom clusters in molten iron and promote the formation of cementite(aluminum oxide abrasive). The solidification structure of cast iron seems to be the product of genetic effect of heterogeneous phase to a certain extent. In production, in order to reduce or eliminate this phenomenon, it is necessary to overheat the molten iron sufficiently(brown fused alumina suppliers). Overheat causes the high carbon phase in pig iron to melt, and carbon enters liquid cast iron in atomic state.

In addition, the graphite extracted from industrial cast iron was calcined(aluminum oxide grit). It was found that there were 500 × 10 oxide particles, 4300 × 10 sulfide particles and 500 × 10 carbonitride particles in 1em graphite crystal. Only a few of these particles are similar to the graphite structure, which has a good coherent relationship and is easy to match(glass bead blasting media suppliers). These particles can be effective nucleation matrix of graphite and promote graphite precipitation.(low price aluminum oxide 16 grit producers canada)

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