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Low Price Aluminum Oxide 180 Grit Blast Media Russia

Under normal circumstances(brown aluminium oxide), it is not necessary to add a water-resistant agent, because coated abrasives produced with urea-formaldehyde glue are generally only used for grinding in the dry state, but in order to improve its moisture resistance and reduce its moisture absorption, a small amount of waterproof agent is added beneficial(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). A new leap in product quality has taken place. In addition, there is an emery cloth tape coated with graphite.

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At present, the more commonly used method is to add a small amount of melamine powder or polyvinyl acetate emulsion to urea-formaldehyde resin(brown aluminum oxide factory), which can not only improve the water resistance of urea-formaldehyde glue, but also increase its bonding strength. Commonly used formaldehyde binders are urea, melamine, bark powder and so on(100 grit aluminum oxide). It is not only used to produce semi-resin coated abrasives, but also used in water-resistant coated abrasives to make coated abrasives.

A few days ago, urea-formaldehyde resin was mainly used for the production of semi-resin products(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media), that is, the bottom glue was collected from animal glue, which not only improved the mold resistance and moisture resistance of animal glue, but also remembered high In order to improve the bonding strength of the product and greatly extend the service life of the abrasive tool(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit), in recent years, urea-formaldehyde resin has been widely used on the third coating of the coated abrasive tool-a super coating.

For example, in order to solve the problem of clogging during the processing of certain workpieces(black silicon carbide manufacturers), a more effective method is to apply zinc epistearate after compounding, and the super coating has certain adhesion and does not affect the grinding of the abrasive. Therefore, in coated abrasives, the glue is thin and uniform, it is urea-formaldehyde resin modified with polyvinyl alcohol(silicon carbide 180 grit). Urea-formaldehyde resin can also be used as a treatment agent for abrasive belt-based cloth.

The purpose of applying graphite is to remove the serious clogging caused by the static electricity generated by the emery cloth during high-speed grinding(brown fused alumina). The graphite coating can act as a "conductive layer". This graphite coating is also applied using urea-formaldehyde resin as a binder. In the coating industry, phenolic resin occupies a very important position(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). The elongation of the cloth base treated by this resin is less than 5%, but the strength of the cloth base is greatly improved.

Adding polyvinyl alcohol, etc., can improve the initial viscosity of urea-formaldehyde resin binder(120 grit aluminum oxide). In the late 1950s, a large number of water-soluble phenolic resins were used in the wood industry, and the compound glue was urea-formaldehyde resin glue, which not only solved the problems of flammability, but also greatly reduced the cost of products(aluminum oxide blast media). Now, water-soluble phenolic resin is already one of the most important binders in the coated abrasives industry.

Taking industrial twill as an example, the elongation rate after treatment with urea-formaldehyde resin Decreased from 15.5% to 4.7%(brown aluminum oxide); its tensile strength increased from 65kg to 86kg, explosion and atmospheric pollution, increased by more than 30%, phenolic resin is the earliest synthetic resin(white aluminium oxide 180/220). Phenolic resin is the product of polycondensation of phenols (phenol, cresol, alkylphenol, etc.) and aldehydes (formaldehyde, furfural, etc.) under the action of alkaline catalyst or acid catalyst.

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