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Low Price Aluminum Oxide Blasting Grit Suppliers Italy

The high-temperature parts of external combustion hot-blast stoves are generally built with silicon bricks(steel grid), and the middle and low temperature parts are sequentially made of high aluminum Bricks and glued bricks. For different parts of use, different types and brands of refractory bricks are selected, so as to share everything(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media); the high-temperature creep properties of refractory bricks must be fully considered to ensure the safety of production in long-term work.

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The lining and lattice bricks are generally made of high-alumina bricks and sticky bricks(low sodium white fused alumina). After the wind temperature increases, the furnace roof, furnace wall and lattice bricks in high temperature parts are generally built with silicon bricks. Because the softening temperature of the standing brick is close to its melting temperature, when it is above 600 ℃(black silicon carbide manufacturers), the reburning line change is equal to zero or slightly expanded, and it has strong alkali corrosion resistance.

(low price aluminum oxide blasting grit suppliers italy)At the same time, the high-temperature creep properties of silica bricks are particularly good(brown fused alumina). The load applied by the aluminum silicate brick is 2.0 kg / cm, and the heating temperature is 1350 ° C and 1300 ° C, respectively. However, the volume density of silicon bricks is small, and the heat storage capacity is poor(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). When the temperature is below 600 ° C, the shape transformation is easy to occur and the integrity of the masonry is destroyed.

Therefore, all countries have stipulated the minimum use temperature of silicon bricks, generally should be greater than 600 ℃, Japan stipulates to be greater than 800 ℃(brown aluminum oxide). The life of Japanese hot blast stove is generally available for two blast furnace campaigns, which is 15 ~ 20 years. The refractory materials used in blast furnace hot blast stove are similar in all countries(white aluminium oxide super fine). As mentioned earlier, the application of periclase bricks is also promising.(low price aluminum oxide blasting grit suppliers italy)

In addition, when the oven is in a low temperature stage, at the same time(brown aluminium oxide), it should be carried out carefully to ensure the slow transformation of the product type without damaging the auxiliary body. However, when manufacturing mullite bricks, the energy consumption is relatively large, and the cost is much higher than that of good bricks(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). As the air temperature of the hot blast stove increases, the quality of refractory bricks also continues to improve.

(low price aluminum oxide blasting grit suppliers italy)It should be pointed out that Western Europe(garnet abrasive), like the United States, tried high-capacity perovskite bricks with MgO content of 95-96% in the upper part of the hot air regenerator, and generally used cheap semi-silicon in the middle and lower parts. The high-temperature creep and volume stability of semi-silicon bricks are better than those of sticky seven bricks(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit), and the thermal shock stability is better than that of silicon bricks, redstone bricks and mullite bricks.

In summary, the load softening temperature and high temperature creep properties of mullite bricks are similar to those of Zhang bricks(garnet suppliers), and the volume stability at low temperature is good, which is more convenient when starting and stopping the furnace; the heat falling capacity per unit volume is large, the volume stability is good, such as clay bricks The heat storage capacity is 1(aluminum oxide blasting media), the sillimanite brick is 1.14, the silicon brick meter is 0.85, and the mullite brick is 1.2.(low price aluminum oxide blasting grit suppliers italy)

China's blast furnace hot-blast stoves are generally internal combustion type(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Taking the high temperature area as an example, it has developed from sticky bricks to silica bricks, high alumina bricks, sillimanite bricks. The shape, ruler and arrangement of grid bricks used in commercial furnace hot blast stove are different, and the heat transfer performance is also quite different(brown aluminum oxide factory). Honeycomb lattice bricks are widely used in the United States, Japan, West Germany and China.

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