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Low Price Aluminum Oxide Blasting Suppliers Hungary

The working system of the artificial shaft kiln is relatively simple(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The high-temperature performance requirements of the material used as the lining brick of the calcined belt are stricter(silicon carbide abrasive grit). In order to avoid materials sticking to the kiln wall, the vertical kiln for calcining dolomite and the vertical kiln for calcining magnesia can be provided with vaporization cooling walls instead of refractory brick lining in the calcination zone. 

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The refractory lining brick of the kiln body is divided into 3 layers, and the inner layer is the working layer, which is in direct contact with the materials and withstands the impact, wear and chemical erosion of the materials at the operating temperature(corundum sand). The raw materials and coke (or anthracite) are placed in the middle of the roof, and the feeding door is symmetrically arranged around the lower part of the kiln body(silicon carbide 180 grit).

The middle is the protective layer, which plays a protective role when the working layer is excessively worn or burned through(120 grit aluminum oxide). The outer layer is a thermal insulation layer. When the inclination angle of the sieve is 15 °, the mesh diameter should be increased by about 10% over the critical particle size; when the inclination angle is 20 °, it should be increased by about 15%(black silicon carbide powder); when the inclination angle is 25 °, it should be increased by about 25% .

The calcination belt of dolomite and magnesia shaft kiln is 300 ~ 380mm thick, and the inner layer is made of magnesia brick or magnesia aluminum brick(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The inner layer of the calcined belt of clay and high-aluminum shaft kiln is 230-300mm thick, and high-alumina brick is used(carborundum grit). The inner layer of calcination zone of lime shaft kiln is 300 ~ 350mm thick, and it is made of clay brick, high aluminum brick or magnesium brick.

It is made of clay bricks(aluminum oxide blasting). The thickness of the heat insulation layer is 60 ~ 70mm, using light clay brick and heat insulation filler. The industrial layers are distributed from the top of the kiln to the kiln, heated by the flue gas from the lower part. As the material moves down, coke burns in the gap between the raw materials(100 grit aluminum oxide). Combustion air is sent into the kiln by the blower system from the bottom of the kiln or around the kiln body of the cooling zone, or both.

Mechanized shaft kiln using coke as fuel, raw materials and coke are mixed and installed in hoppers or separately installed in hoppers and poured into kilns alternately(white aluminum oxide). The clinker is discharged intermittently or continuously by the discharging machine(green silicon carbide powder). In the high-temperature shaft kiln using oil as fuel, and the dust collector or chimney is connected with a pipe, 2 to 3 rows of burners are provided along the height of the kiln body in the calcination zone.

The mechanized shaft kiln is equipped with an air supply system for drumming from the bottom and waist or only from the waist(46 grit aluminum oxide). Combustion flue gas and decomposition products of raw materials form waste gas, which is discharged into the atmosphere by a smoke stack guided into the chimney after dust removal(carborundum abrasives). The shaft kiln using gas as fuel is equipped with 1 or 2 rows of burners in the dense body of the calcination zone.

Production practice shows that the secondary air for combustion enters the calcination zone from the cooling zone(240 grit aluminum oxide). For this purpose, a burner oil supply system, a compressed air system for oil atomization, and a burner cooling water jacket are also added. The soft water system and cooling belt need to release excess hot air(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Raw material processing includes raw material sorting, crushing, crushing, fine grinding and screening.

The cylinder is straight, the outer shell is steel plate, and the inner is lined with refractory material(aluminum oxide blast media). The upper part of the mechanized shaft kiln body is equipped with a cloth distributor, two smoke exhaust ports are symmetrically opened on the side, and the lower part of the kiln body is provided with a discharge machine(silicon carbide grit). The middle protective layer is generally 230mm thick, and the large lime shaft kiln is S80mm thick.

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