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Low Price Aluminum Oxide Crystals Factory Russia

In order to ensure the strict tolerance dimension, one of the necessary conditions is to keep a balanced etching speed on the parts list in the process of processing(white corundum price). For deep chemical etching drilling, the tolerance is increased due to long etching time, so chemical drilling is rarely used except for special cases(white aluminium oxide powder). This method is widely used in the manufacture of circuit board, thin gasket, delicate spring and complex shape parts.

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The etching speed and the mounting method of parts will affect the surface effect of metal(brown alumina abrasive). For this reason, it is necessary to strictly control the concentration range of the chemical composition of the corrosive solution, keep the temperature distribution of the corrosive agent in each part of the corrosive concentrate evenly(aluminium oxide material for blasting), and keep the concentration of the corrosive liquid in each part of the corrosion tank uniform.

(low price aluminum oxide crystals factory russia)This is the most influential factor among all kinds of factors on the chemical etching processing tolerance(white fused aluminum oxide refractory), because the deeper the corrosion processing depth is, the longer the immersion time of the parts in the corrosion solution is, and the longer the time is(brown aluminum oxide sand), the greater the changes of various chemical components in the corrosion solution, thus increasing the changes of etching speed and corrosion effect.

That is, photographic graphic transfer chemical etching, silk screen graphic transfer chemical etching(brown fused alumina micropowder). Especially the photographic chemical etching method, its extremely high dimensional processing accuracy, is achieved by the combination of very shallow corrosion depth and extremely fine photosensitive anti-corrosion layer(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). The surface of some parts after stamping or pressing does not look special.

The surface roughness after chemical etching is greatly affected by the initial state of the parts(aluminum oxide blasting grit). The surface of chemical etching plus 1. Is only a copy of the original surface. Before processing, various surface physical defects such as scratch, forming indentation, scratch, sand hole, etc.(white aluminium oxide grit), will be copied by the original sample after chemical etching if no measures are taken to prevent their diffusion before chemical etching.(low price aluminum oxide crystals factory russia)

However, rough surface may appear on the machined surface after chemical etching, which is the most prominent phenomenon on aluminum alloy materials(white aluminium oxide blasting media). In addition, the crystalline structure of the material also has a great influence on the surface roughness after chemical etching(white aluminum oxide crystals). The finer and more uniform the crystalline grains are, the smoother and smoother the machined surface is, laser engraving graphic transfer chemical etching.

(low price aluminum oxide crystals factory russia)The corrosion process first occurs around the grain, which dissolves the product boundary and then cuts off the whole product(brown aluminum oxide grit). If the original grain size is very large, the surface roughness after etching will obviously increase, and the strength of the parts will be adversely affected, and even the mechanical properties of the material may be seriously affected(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). These changes can be improved by sandblasting after corrosion.

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