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The existence of primary austenite structure and the growth temperature range of austenite may partially overlap with the eutectic transformation temperature range(aluminum oxide 40/60 grit), which will affect the growth process of the eutectic structure and the alloy microstructure to a certain extent. As the growth conditions change, the interface morphology will also change(brown aluminium oxide grains). The crystalline core of graphite crystals.

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For example, crystallization under deep supercooling(aluminum oxide 1000 grit), adopting close to eutectic carbon equivalent, avoiding excessive hot metal overheating temperature and high temperature holding time are all effective technological measures to increase the number of eutectic clusters(aluminum oxide suppliers). It can be seen that the graphite phase leads into the liquid phase, and the front end of the sheet is in direct contact with the liquid phase.(low price aluminum oxide manufacturers canada)

The carbon atoms in the liquid phase diffuse through volume, so that the graphite crystals are constantly replenished and always stay ahead(carborundum powder suppliers). When the carbon concentration decreases, short and thick ones, the melt on both sides will crystallize and grow along the graphite growth direction(aluminum oxide blast media 36 grit). This is the microscopic boundary and morphology that often appears in the eutectic structure under slow growth conditions.

(low price aluminum oxide manufacturers canada)Therefore, the liquid-solid boundary of austenite is zigzag(aluminum oxide 500 grit). Although the temperature difference at the front end of the two-phase growth is not large, the temperature gradient generated is very steep. The temperature difference between graphite and austenite growth front is only 0.1℃, reasonable inoculation treatment, graphite leading austenite is about 10um(chrome alumina), and the phase boundary temperature gradient is about 100℃/em.

Because the growth rate of graphite crystal in the advancing direction of the solidification interface is higher than the growth rate of eutectic austenite, it becomes the leading phase(abrasive grade aluminum oxide). At this temperature, the growth rate of graphite crystals will decrease, and normal type A graphite with a larger size will be produced(30 grit aluminum oxide). This helps the graphite phase maintain a stable leading position and is a necessary condition for the formation of abnormal eutectic.

It is ahead of the eutectic austenite and enters the liquid phase first before the solidification interface(white aluminium oxide grains). In the stable system eutectic Continuous growth within the temperature range of the transition. If the undercooling of the melt is small and there is no divorced eutectic growth, graphite will branch and grow in the liquid phase in an abnormal eutectic mode at a higher temperature(alumina suppliers). These all belong to type A graphite.(low price aluminum oxide manufacturers canada)

itself bends(white fused alumina powder), and it may eventually become spiral, hook, U-shaped (two-dimensional observation), or even ring-shaped graphite. If the carbon equivalent of cast iron is very low, the austenite volume fraction is very high, the graphite size is relatively fine, and the distribution is relatively uniform(aluminium oxide manufacturers). Occasionally, it may produce dendritic, azimuthal, and have separate pieces that are not connected with other graphite flakes.

(low price aluminum oxide manufacturers canada)The graphite body leads the austenite in the liquid phase with a certain degree of supercooling at a speed slightly higher than that of the A-type graphite(aluminum oxide crystals). If the eutectic cluster grows to a certain size, the cooling is accelerated, and a small-size eutectic cluster composed of fine graphite may appear in the boundary region of the eutectic cluster(white aluminium oxide powder 320 grit). A cast iron structure with large and small size eutectic mixtures is formed.

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