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According to the crystalline structure formed after joining, it can be divided into crystalline brazing and non-crystalline brazing(brown fused alumina 60 grit). Inorganic paint is still a new type of paint due to unaccustomed use (users). In addition, the development of additives and auxiliaries such as dispersants and surfactants is not enough(wholesale brown fused alumina). Therefore, compared with organic paints, there are problems that need attention in construction. a lot of.

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There are research reports on the use of alumina(black aluminum oxide media). The force is sufficient to compress the connecting body and the connecting material, and then silicify it at 1450°C in vacuum, and the average connecting strength that can be obtained is 340MPa. Before coating construction, mix the main agent slurry and hardener slurry according to the specified proportions(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit), and then mix them with a mixer and a ball mill to prepare the coating.

(low price aluminum oxide manufacturers guatemala)Silicon carbide sintered body connection The report on the connection of silicon carbide sintered bodies published by Ishikawa(pink alumina), Japan pointed out that when reaction sintered SiC is connected to each other, if furan resin is put in the mixed powder of SiC and carbon, it is only necessary to press 15kg/cm by hand(brown fused alumina suppliers). However, from the point of view of the residual stress after joining, it is also hoped that the thread temperature is low.

The following is an example of a heat-curable alkali metal silicate-based paint-Sumitomo Ceramics P-100 from Sumitomo Chemical Industries, Ltd.(brown fused alumina), as an example to describe the problems that need attention in the construction method. The main agent slurry is made by dispersing the pigment and filler into the inorganic binder, the coating film will foam(pink aluminium oxide), and the hardener slurry is made by dispersing the hardener in water.(low price aluminum oxide manufacturers guatemala)

Because the main agent and the hardener will react after mixing(brown aluminum oxide), remember that it must be used within 6h (about 20°C). The temperature of the atmosphere in which the paint is stored is high, the above-mentioned time is shortened, and the temperature is low, and the time is prolonged. Substrate degreasing, such as adhesion of grease components on the substrate, will cause defects such as depression(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit), weak bonding, and poor appearance.

(low price aluminum oxide manufacturers guatemala)Heat-hardening coatings can exert their intended performance after being hardened by heating, and insufficient hardening is the cause of poor water resistance(brown aluminium oxide). Therefore, degreasing is an indispensable process. More than organic water-based coatings, sufficient degreasing is required(low density white alumina). The remaining liquid at the called part and the end part is the cause of foaming and peeling during heating and hardening, so be careful.

Degreasing generally adopts methods such as air-burning, alkali degreasing, washing with sesame active agent, surface grinding, etc(white fused alumina oxide mfg). It is not desirable to use vinyl chloride solvent for degreasing. Coating is generally due to the poor smoothness of inorganic coatings, so it is difficult to apply brushes, and spray guns are often used for coating(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). The coating amount is about 150~250g/m, and the coating thickness is about 30~80m.

To obtain water resistance, a temperature above 270°C is required(brown fused alumina factory). The higher the temperature, the shorter the hardening time can be. For example, 270°C requires about 20 minutes. 350℃ requires 10min. Of course, the higher the temperature and the longer the time, the better the water resistance(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). If the temperature increase rate during curing is too high, so it is desirable that the temperature increase rate be 10°C/min or less.(low price aluminum oxide manufacturers guatemala)

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