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Low Price Aluminum Oxide Polishing Grit Made In China

Solid particles impact the material surface at a certain speed to cause erosion(brown fused alumina 60 grit). Its essence is that the medium carrying solid particles can be high-speed air flow or liquid flow. Therefore, the former is sand blasting type, while the latter is mud erosion type(60 grit aluminum oxide). Although the two kinds of erosion can cause material damage, at this time, their failure laws are not the same. The bubble volume varies greatly from 0.5mm to a few m.

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In sandblasting erosion, the velocity of incident particles is generally in the range of tens of M / s. when the velocity is lower than a certain value(white fused alumina oxide mfg), the erosion can hardly be detected by naked eyes. That is, when the particles impact on the target surface, the energy exchange occurs first(white fused aluminium oxide), and the associated material flows out; the particle energy generally comes from the flow medium (air flow or liquid flow) carrying them.(low price aluminum oxide polishing grit made in china)

Cavitation is that the continuity of the liquid is destroyed, forming a vacuum and hole in the liquid; the vacuum formed is filled by the gas or vapor in the liquid to form bubbles(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). With the flow of liquid, bubbles enter the region beyond the critical pressure, and the bubbles contract and disappear(240 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, in practice, due to the different shapes of particles, the measurement should be the main method rather than the calculation of air velocity.

For example, when a spherical particle with a diameter of 254 PM (60 mesh) and a specific density of 3.0 is accelerated in 0 ℃ air(white aluminum oxide 220 grit), if the air velocity is 152 M / s, it will reach 91 M / s after flying 1.6 M. However, only a few m / s velocity of mud erosion is enough to cause material surface damage(low soda alumina). From the basic process of erosion, the unit action mechanism of the above two kinds of erosion is similar. Chemical action will accelerate cavitation erosion.

(low price aluminum oxide polishing grit made in china)When the fluid carrying the particles rushes to the target surface(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit), their movement law generally follows the hydrodynamics law, that is, the flow around will affect the impact of particles on the target surface; It is proportional to the energy applied when plastic work is applied to the surface(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). The fatigue wear life of the specimens lubricated with naphthenic oil is much longer than that of paraffin base oil with the same viscosity.

Here the angle of incidence plays a role(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). When the spherical particles are vertically incident on the surface, an indentation is first generated, which is the case when the energy is large enough to cause plastic deformation of the target surface(pink alumina). A strain layer is formed in the subsurface layer near the indentation, when the particles meet the target surface, and a part of the material is extruded to the periphery of the indentation to form a convex edge.

Thin and brittle bumps can be observed on the edge, which is not seen in the slow indentation test(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). The edge of the indentation due to impact is a material accumulation. From the point of view of energy, it can be considered that the volume of indentation and the energy consumed during its formation are related to the outflow stress of the target(46 grit aluminum oxide). The indentation volume is inversely proportional to the flow stress of the target.(low price aluminum oxide polishing grit made in china)

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