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Low Price Aluminum Oxide Sandblast Media Malaysia

After several experiments of coarse and fine selection, the best particle size of filter aid can be determined(garnet suppliers). When diatomite filter aid is added into the filter slurry as a loose body, its addition amount is equivalent to the content of solid particles in the filter slurry. The diatomite filter aid of conventional processing was introduced(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). In the past half century, the market of filter aid has been dominated by diatomite.

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Special processing diatomite filter aid(garnet abrasive): Although diatomite filter aid is a stable mineral, its iron oxide and other components will be slightly dissolved in acidic liquid. In order to improve the filterability, they can also be used in combination with common filter aids(180 grit aluminum oxide). Because the shape of pebble is like pearl, it is named perlite. At this time, the bulk density is just the material, which is still far lower than the diatomite filter aid.(low price aluminum oxide sandblast media malaysia)

After that, the main component of diatomite is amorphous(white fused alumina). After hydrothermal reaction, calcium, magnesium and other components are combined to form alkaline earth hydroxides. By adjusting the reaction, the diatomite filter aid not only keeps the original filterability, but also forms silicate on its surface(fine grit aluminum oxide). Such a filter aid can be used to remove acids contained in animal and vegetable oils, organic drugs, plasticizers, etc.

In addition, it is also used for deodorization, decolorization and adsorption of impurities such as colloids for animals, vegetable oils and petroleum(white aluminum oxide). This product is formed by applying active substances on the surface of diatomite particles, which can be used for turbidity and color removal of water(aluminium oxide blasting grit). After crushing, grinding, calcining and sieving, the powdery expanded perlite filter aid like an egg skin is obtained.

(low price aluminum oxide sandblast media malaysia)Perlite is a kind of pebble formed by rapid cooling and quenching of lava flowing into water(white corundum). The main component of perlite is that it contains a water elephant. The raw material of expanded perlite is perlite. When the perlite is heated to its softening point rapidly, the water contained in it will vaporize(steel grid), resulting in the volume expansion of perlite to the original volume, forming a hollow glass hollow ball.

Due to the vaporization of water, the expanded perlite spheres have multicellular structure composed of numerous tiny voids(arc fused alumina). The diameter of the beads was in the order of soap production. The bulk density of the expanded perlite just out of the ordinary furnace is only slow and fast, and then after grinding, grading and other processing(aluminium oxide abrasive grit), the expanded perlite product is obtained.

However, since the introduction of expanded perlite filter aid, it has become a strong competitive product of diatomite filter aid(fused alumina). The properties of the expanded perlite filter aid are as follows: the appearance of the diatomite product is similar to that of the perlite filter aid, but the particle structure of the two is completely different, and the color is white or light gray(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Its size is up to Luo.(low price aluminum oxide sandblast media malaysia)

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