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Cementite eutectic generally presents two forms of microstructure, namely, ledeburite eutectic morphology and lath cementite eutectic morphology(arc fused alumina). Only when the growth rate is higher than the intersection of the two curves (to the left of the intersection), cementite can become the dominant growth crystal(black aluminium oxide). In this case, eutectic austenite is embedded in cementite in a cylindrical shape(e-axis direction).

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This intersection temperature is slightly lower than the eutectic transition temperature of cementite(silicon carbide companies). Therefore, increasing the cooling rate of molten iron helps to inhibit graphite crystallization and creates conditions for cementite formation. In the process of co-growth of two phases, cementite plays the role of leading phase(glass bead blasting media suppliers), that is, cementite leads the growth of austenite(cementite and graphite).

(low price aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers chile)From the perspective of kinetics(fused alumina), the crystal growth rates of the two high-carbon phases at different temperatures are different when forming cementite eutectic or graphite eutectic. If the diffusion movement of iron atoms is hindered or slowed to provide sufficient vacancies for the formation of graphite crystals, it will be difficult to produce primary graphite(white fused alumina price). Cementite and austenite tend to form a coated co-product.

The formation of this eutectic is compared with the formation of a lamellar eutectic(white fused alumina). The former has more interface energy per unit area, but the contact area of the two phases is much smaller. In general, on the other hand, the total interface energy increased by the formation of rod-shaped abnormal co-products is less than that of layered co-crystals(garnet suppliers). Therefore, most of the cementite eutectic is in the form of coating.(low price aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers chile)

During the eutectic transformation(white aluminum oxide), there is a considerable amount of pro-eutectic austenite in the molten iron, and the eutectic austenite must preferentially grow on the original austenite dendrites, leading to this eutectic growth. The concentration of carbon in the surrounding liquid phase decreases, which provides opportunities for further growth of austenite(glass beads supplier). The eutectic section is honeycomb-shaped.

(low price aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers chile)This kind of eutectic often appears in hypoeutectic white cast iron with low carbon equivalent(white corundum). Local white mouths of gray iron castings are usually produced on the surface of the castings or sharp corners and other high cold joints. Once cementite precipitates on the surface of austenite, it will preferentially grow along the [010] crystal direction(steel grid). This is an abnormal eutectic form unique to ledeburite eutectic.

On the one hand, the [010] grade is the preferred direction to grow together with austenite to make the cementite form a long sheet(silicon carbide price); it is also in the transverse direction Grow to form a coated eutectic. The reverse white mouth phenomenon is the opposite. The center of the section of the casting is white mouth structure, and the surface layer is gray mouth(garnet abrasive). Cementite eutectic is the leading phase in the growth.(low price aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers chile)

This violation of normal organization distribution is called anti-white mouth phenomenon(green carborundum). The phenomenon of white mouth is a casting defect. The gray structure of the surface layer of the casting with the phenomenon of inverted white mouth is D-type (or E-type) graphite eutectic(black oxide aluminum). The surface gray layer with a small depth (about 1~2mm) can be called "gray edge", and the deeper surface gray layer can be called "gray band".

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