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Low Price Black Corundum Suppliers South Korea

The main defects of wax pattern are(brown fused alumina): poor filling, rough surface, air bubbles involved, surface shrinkage, dimension out of tolerance, deformation and flow pattern defects. In the preparation of wax ready mixed parts of various products, we should pay special attention to seven kinds of Lake mold defects(white aluminum oxide powder). After the above multiple production processes, the precision barrier parts meeting the requirements are manufactured.

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As far as the wax mold forming conditions are concerned, the higher the injection pressure(brown fused alumina price), the better, but generally the injection pressure of 25 ~ 30kg / am can meet the requirements. The mother material is heated to 100 ~ 120 ℃ by oil bath heating method, and must be mixed in order to prevent the separation and precipitation of filler(green silicon carbide). These are: out of line, rough surface, surface shrinkage, streamline, air bubble entering, and local sulfur loss of measurement module.

(low price black corundum suppliers south korea)Generally speaking, the high-strength braid with chain viscosity or otherwise should be adopted as far as possible at the first injection temperature(brown aluminum oxide). For example, when the mold is taken out of the mold, the stress and deformation should be avoided as far as possible and the process should be avoided because of the heat of the hand(black silicon carbide). In the single site regeneration stage, the packing components have been completely separated and removed.

Generally speaking, the qualified rate of forming is more than 95%(white alumina). The injection temperature (actually the wax temperature) is set in the range of 55 ~ 70 ℃ no matter what kind of wax. However, due to the poor initial thermal conductivity, it is difficult to control the set temperature immediately even if the set temperature is changed(aluminum oxide abrasive). The following will describe each process separately. The selection of starting materials is very important.(low price black corundum suppliers south korea)

Wax can be used to repair wax and increase the number of lights, etc(pink corundum). wax mold storage after a certain period of time will produce deformation, so we should consider the use of special equipment to prevent deformation to the national treasury. In addition, when the wax mold is kept at a certain temperature, in order to fill the material completely and prevent deformation(aluminum oxide grit), the size of the wax mold will be passive and deformed due to the increase of the surface.

(low price black corundum suppliers south korea)There are two kinds of reclaiming methods: one is to remove the moisture and ash from the recycled wax(brown aluminium oxide), the other is to adjust the physical and chemical properties of the materials, and to form the same properties as the new ones. It can be seen from the table that the pressure filtration regeneration has a good effect on the ash removal rate(synthetic corundum). In this way, the pure regeneration end can be used together with the new wax, or can be used alone.

About 55% of water and 0.2% of ash are recovered from dewaxing by high pressure cover(silicon carbide abrasive). The moisture content and ash content can reach 0.02% respectively by using pressurized oleanasen. The regenerating end of simple regeneration method can be used for hidden passage, and the regenerated wax of CI title can be used to make wax model products(emery abrasive). The forming of water-soluble starting core can be directly made by using the common press.

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