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Low Price Black Silicon Carbide Suppliers Ecuador

An example of the preparation process of the water emulsion filler mold material is as follows(black alumina): the composition of the mold material is 30% montan wax, 2% montan wax resin, 20% paraffin wax and 24% water. The solid mold material is first heated to melt, then a small amount of liquid emulsifier is added, and the mixture is evenly stirred(low soda alumina). It is mainly used to produce investment molds with high dimensional accuracy.

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Then, hot water (about 90°C) is added and high-speed stirring is performed to obtain a wax-water emulsion, which becomes a liquid filler mold material(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit). This mold material is essentially a water-in-wax dispersion system with emulsifier. Using this water emulsion filling mold material, the investment mold made with a higher pressure wax injection machine has a smooth surface(silicon carbide grit), small surface roughness, and no dents.(low price black silicon carbide suppliers ecuador)

The recycling process of this kind of mold material is relatively complicated(low density white alumina), and the recycled mold material is not easy to reach the original performance, so it is not used too much in actual production. The water-soluble mold materials used in investment casting include urea, nitrate or sulfate(240 grit aluminum oxide). When manufacturing investment molds with complex inner cavity shapes, it is difficult to mold the metal cores in the metal molding.

(low price black silicon carbide suppliers ecuador)At this time, water-soluble mold materials can be used to make the cores(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). Before injection molding, the prefabricated The resulting water-soluble core is first positioned in the press, and after wax injection, the investment mold with the soluble core is put into water, the core is dissolved, and the investment mold with a complicated inner cavity is obtained(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). Urea is a colorless needle-like or white prismatic crystal, easily soluble in water and alcohol.

For example: After urea in which biuret is dissolved is coagulated, the solubility decreases(brown fused alumina 60 grit). When using urea water-soluble mold materials, the melting temperature should be strictly controlled not to exceed 145~150℃. When the melting temperature is too high, due to the precipitation of NH(white fused aluminium oxide), a large number of bubbles or subcutaneous pores will be generated on the surface of the urea mold (core), which will deteriorate the surface quality.(low price black silicon carbide suppliers ecuador)

The amount of solid filler added is about 10% to 40%(white fused alumina oxide mfg). The disadvantage of inorganic salt mold materials is that they are highly hygroscopic and their cost is higher than that of urea. After shrinking the melting point of 190℃, the crystal grain becomes coarse and hard to dissolve in water, but it can still be dissolved in urea melt(brown corundum abrasive). The core made of it is commonly called "tight core", which can overcome Disadvantages of urea mold material.

(low price black silicon carbide suppliers ecuador)The urea casting mold has a clear outline, it is not easy to appear flow lines and shrinkage, the surface is smooth, and the size is accurate(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). Therefore, the temperature should be carefully controlled during the melting operation. Since the melting point of urea and the temperature of the condensation reaction differ only by 10~15℃(60 grit aluminum oxide), care must be taken to prevent local overheating and make the melt temperature uniform to ensure quality.

Commonly used wax-based mold material raw materials are mostly hydrocarbons(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). If these materials are overheated during heating, they will oxidize, thermally decompose or thermally crack to varying degrees and deteriorate the performance of the mold material(220 grit aluminum oxide). It is undoubtedly more ideal than urea to use a material that dissolves in water but whose physical properties are similar to wax-polyethylene glycol as the main body.

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