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The use of materials with small thermal conductivity to build the furnace wall can reduce the thickness or heat loss(aluminum oxide abrasive). The use of materials with large thermal conductivity as the flame separation plate and the heat exchanger tube can improve the furnace temperature and heat transfer efficiency(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). There are two types of methods for determining thermal conductivity: steady state method and unsteady state method.

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The hot wire carries a current of known constant power, That is, the power is unchanged in time and in the length direction of the test block(black silicon carbide). The steady-state method usually uses a flat plate thermal conductivity meter, which is mainly composed of heating plates, cooling plates, heat protection plates and calorimeters(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). In addition to burnable ingredients, they are included in the chemical composition of the product. Its main disadvantage is the long test time and many influencing factors.

The hot end of the thermocouple is at the center of the length of the sample(brown fused alumina). In the steady-state method test, the sample to be tested is in a stable temperature field, and the heat flow rate per unit area passing through the sample, the temperature gradient of the sample in the direction of heat flow, and the geometric dimensions of the sample are determined(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). The function of this temperature rise and time is the thermal conductivity of the test sample.

The change of the hot wire temperature with time is measured by a thermocouple welded at the midpoint of the hot wire(brown aluminum oxide). The temperature change of this line is a function of the thermal conductivity of the measured material. The Chinese standard (GB / T17106-1997) uses the parallel hot wire method to determine the thermal conductivity of refractory materials(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). The advantage of unsteady state method is that the measurement is simple and fast.

The international standard (IS88941) measures the thermal conductivity of refractory materials and the Chinese standard (GB / T5990-1986) determines the thermal conductivity of shaped insulating refractory products using the cross-wire method in the unsteady state method(brown aluminium oxide). The principle is to measure the temperature rise of a linear heat source buried in the sample along the length of the sample over a certain period of time(white aluminium oxide manufacturer).

Parallel hot wire method is a dynamic measurement method for measuring the temperature rise at a specified distance and at a specified position from the line heat source buried between two test blocks(white aluminium oxide). The sample assembly is heated to a specified temperature in the furnace and kept at this temperature, and then heated locally by a linear electric conductor (hot wire) embedded in the sample along the length of the sample(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Steady-state method is a classic method, which has been listed as a standard by various countries.

The mechanical properties of refractory materials refer to the ability of refractory materials to resist deformation and destruction under the action of external forces(silicon carbide abrasive). The mechanical properties of refractory materials include compressive strength, flexural strength, bond strength, high temperature bat degeneration and elastic modulus(white fused alumina oxide mfg). Thermal conductivity refers to the unit temperature under the unit temperature gradient per unit time The heat passed by the sample.

Starting from room temperature, heating at a rate of 4 ~ 5C / min, every 50 (record the length change of the sample until the final temperature of the test(green silicon carbide). The thermal conductivity of the refractory material is an indispensable important data for the design of high-temperature thermal engineering equipment(aluminum oxide grit). From the moment when the heating current is turned on, the thermocouple starts to measure the change in temperature rise with time.

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