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Low Price Brown Aluminum Oxide Grit Brazil

The furnace age is only 3456(arc fused alumina). According to the experience of Shougang in China, when the silicon content in the molten iron is generally 0.4-0.6% and Si: Mn = 1: 1-1.2, it can ensure good slagging operation, and can achieve the purposes of high quality, high yield, long life and low consumption(white aluminum oxide crystals). The proportion of refractory spray paint is significantly reduced to account for about 1/3 of the total consumption.

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The age of the economic furnace is determined by the minimum consumption meter after the integration of various costs(pink aluminum oxide). The economical age of the furnace is more than 4,000 times, and the total cost of the lining material is the lowest. No matter how high the firewood is, the cost of refractory spray paint increases, and the total cost also increases(white aluminium oxide grit); on the contrary, the cost of lining bricks increases, which also increases the total cost.

In order to obtain the best technical and economic effects(black aluminum oxide), for example, proper thinning of the converter lining thickness or expanding the amount of inexpensive alkaline bricks can also significantly reduce the lining cost. The millimeter is reduced to 450 millimeters, and the thickness of the furnace bottom lining is reduced from 560 millimeters to 500 millimeters(aluminium oxide material for blasting). The country has also carried out this work. 

For example, Japan ’s Nippon Steel Corporation maintains a 170-ton converter(white alumina). At the same time, the proportion of cheap alkaline bricks has been increased from 18% to 61%, that is, except for the key parts, all ordinary alkaline bricks are used. Currently, it was reported in January 1980 that the molten alkalinity is the ratio of CE / SiO2(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound), which is an important performance index for controlling the composition of slag.

The economical furnace age of large and medium-sized top-blown oxygen converters in Japan is 3,000 to 4,000(brown fused alumina), the United States is about 2,000, and the United Kingdom is about 1,000. The economy of a 150-ton top-blown oxygen converter The furnace age is 800 ~ 1000 times, the operation time is 32 ~ 40 days(brown aluminum oxide sand), the steel output is 13 ~ 170 thousand tons, and the unit consumption of refractory is 2.5 ~ 3.0 kg / ton steel.

The main factors are the slag basicity and temperature(fused alumina), so it should be reasonably controlled in the converter production process in order to increase the age of the oxygen converter. Japan ’s Nippon Steel Corporation ’s No. 3 top-blown oxygen converter has set a new record of 0.57 kg / ton steel for scorching materials(white aluminium oxide blasting media), including 0.42 kg / ton steel for lining and 0.15 kg / ton boiler for spray coating.

The control of slag basicity is to use the slag-forming agent to maintain the MgO concentration in the slag in a supersaturated state(brown aluminum oxide), so as to suppress the dissolution of MgO in the lining material into the slag, and forming a high alkalinity A thick slag layer protects the furnace lining. On the premise of ensuring the furnace age is greater than 3000 times(white aluminium oxide powder), the thickness of the furnace cap lining is reduced from 540 mm to 450 mm.

The picture shows the relationship between the alkalinity and the erosion rate(brown aluminium oxide). It can be seen from the figure that when the TiO2 factor is excluded, the erosion rate of the lining is the largest when the molten alkalinity is about 1.0; when the molten alkalinity is greater than 1.0, thereby slowing the initial slag corrosion of the seal, as the alkalinity continues to increase(brown aluminum oxide grit), The erosion rate of the slag on the furnace lining quickly decreases.

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