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Low Price Brown Corundum Abrasive Suppliers Finland

However, the size and stress of shrinkage are determined by the difference of water gradient inside and outside the product(brown fused alumina). To solve these problems, the production process control is mainly used. It is used for continuous drying of block or granular raw materials or fuels. It can only be used for materials that are not in direct contact with high temperature flue gas, such as flue gas and coal(aluminum oxide abrasive). The waste gas is purified by the dust remover and then discharged into the atmosphere.

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Therefore, when the brick is dried, it is required that the drying speed in the drying process shall not exceed a certain value, otherwise the product will crack(brown aluminum oxide); when the reasonable drying system is formulated and implemented, the drying speed shall be as fast as possible, and the stress greater than the destructive force shall not occur in the brick damage(aluminum oxide grit). It is also important to choose the right drying equipment. The thermal drying efficiency is low.(low price brown corundum abrasive suppliers finland)

For example, the brick made of plastic clay, in the drying process, has certain shrinkage(brown aluminium oxide), and produces shrinkage stress, so that the product deformation, or even cracking. It has the advantages of single structure cylinder, reliable operation, strong adaptability to materials and large drying capacity, but the equipment is bulky and the one-time investment is large(synthetic corundum). Compound heat transfer is a combination of direct heat transfer and indirect heat transfer.

The latter is suitable for rotary dryer with low power transfer and high speed(white alumina). Make one end of the calculation grid and chain plate installed on the same shaft run horizontally, the other end runs along the arc-shaped track, and the materials on it can fall down by themselves. The rotary dryer is composed of a simple body, a lifting device, a driving device, a sealing device and a supporting wheel(emery abrasive). It is welded with carbon steel or low alloy steel plate with thickness of 10-15mm.(low price brown corundum abrasive suppliers finland)

A pair of open gears or sprockets are driven by a motor through a reducer to make the large gear ring or sprockets fixed on the cylinder rotate(silicon carbide abrasive). In the process of cylinder rotation, with the help of lifting plate repeatedly, the material is evenly dropped along the whole section of the cylinder, ensuring good heat and mass transfer effect between the material and the drying medium(brown fused alumina grit), and promoting the material to move to the lower end of the cylinder at a uniform speed.

(low price brown corundum abrasive suppliers finland)The metal plate used to lift materials on the inner wall of the simplified body(green silicon carbide). According to the different types and properties of dry materials, the lifting device adopts the combination of lifting plate, lifting trough, dividing plate or multiple structures. According to the diameter of the cylinder of the body, it is installed inside the body in several blocks(black silicon carbide suppliers). It is made of section steel and its frame supports the weight of the whole equipment and materials.

The outer cover is made of sheet steel. In addition to preventing dust flying, the outer cover is laid with heat insulation material to reduce heat loss(black silicon carbide). The steam belt dryer is a kind of continuous drying equipment which uses conveyor belt to dry refractory materials(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). The rotary dryer used in refractory industry generally has a working temperature of about 800 ℃, an inner diameter of 1-3m, a length of 5-18m, and a length diameter ratio of 5-6 or slightly larger.(low price brown corundum abrasive suppliers finland)

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