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Low Price Brown Corundum Powder Suppliers Philippines

The isostatic pressing method is a method of applying equal pressure in all directions of the mud to form(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). This casting method is suitable for thin-walled hollow products, such as thermocouple bushings, crucibles, ball milling tanks, etc. The solid casting method is adopted for the products with large wall thickness or complex appearance(1200 grit aluminum oxide). During the operation, the punch is lifted to load the powder into the mold.

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Commonly used pressure transmission medium is liquid, such as oil, water or glycerin(100 grit aluminum oxide media). Because the compressibility of brake fluid or anhydrous glycerin is extremely small, almost all the pressure can be transmitted to the elastic mold, so these two liquids are often used as the pressure transmission medium(corundum sand). The molding equipment is also divided into a wet bag method cold isostatic press and a dry bag method cold isostatic press.(low price brown corundum powder suppliers philippines)

The density of the green body obtained in this way is high and uniform(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit), so that the deformation and shrinkage of the green body during firing are greatly reduced, nor The sintering cracks caused by the stress caused by the density difference of the green body molded by the general molding method may occur(120 grit aluminum oxide). Its equipment mainly consists of elastic molds, cylinders (high-pressure containers), frames, hydraulic systems, etc.

(low price brown corundum powder suppliers philippines)Isostatic pressing can be divided into cold isostatic pressing method and hot isostatic pressing method (medium is gas, pressurized and heated at the same time) according to pressure medium and forming temperature(aluminum oxide abrasive media). Its characteristic is that one or several cores are placed in the gypsum mold cavity to form the inner surface of the injection part, so it is also called double-sided pouring or double-sided suction(aluminum oxide blast media).

The production of refractories mainly adopts cold isostatic pressing method(brown fused alumina). Therefore, the so-called isostatic pressing method usually refers to cold isostatic pressing method. The equipment used in the isostatic pressing method is an isostatic pressing machine(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), which is a forming device that applies the Pascal principle and relies on high-pressure liquid or gas to apply the same pressure to the material from all directions.(low price brown corundum powder suppliers philippines)

This method suspends the mold in the liquid, also known as the floating mold method(brown aluminum oxide). With this method, several molds can be placed in the high-pressure container at the same time, which is suitable for products with small batch size, complex appearance or small size(240 grit aluminum oxide). The dry bag method cold isostatic press is composed of a pressure punch, a high-pressure container, an elastic mold, a stopper, a brick-guiding device, etc.

(low price brown corundum powder suppliers philippines)Therefore, the wet bag method cold isostatic press is composed of an elastic mold, a high-pressure container, a top cover and a frame(arc fused alumina). This method fixes the elastic mold in the high-pressure container and uses the stopper to position it, so it is also called the fixed mold method. The biggest feature of isostatic pressing is that all parts of the mud are uniformly pressed and the pressure is very high (medium is normal temperature liquid).

After loading the material, the upper mouth is closed with a pressure punch(silicon carbide price). When pressurized, the liquid medium is injected between the inner wall of the cylinder and the outer surface of the mold, and uniformly pressurizes the mold simultaneously in all directions. Suitable for products with large production volume(46 grit aluminum oxide). There are two methods of cold isostatic pressing: wet bag method and dry bag method.(low price brown corundum powder suppliers philippines)

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