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Low Price Brown Fused Alumina For Abrasive Belarus

A few days ago, 12 top blown converters in Western Europe adopted the top bottom simultaneous blowing of fluorine(silicon carbide 180 grit). The damage mechanism of BOF has been extensively studied in various countries, which has played a driving role in creating new varieties of refractories, improving operation system(carborundum grit suppliers), prolonging service life of furnace lining and reducing consumption of refractories.

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Two companies in North America also decided to adopt the top bottom blowing of oxygen converter(white aluminium oxide). In a word, the top and bottom blown oxygen converter steelmaking method not only concentrates the advantages of top and bottom blown converters, but also makes up for their shortcomings(carborundum grit). It has remarkable technical and economic effects and is an important development direction of steelmaking production in the future.

In addition to improving lining masonry and steel-making operation level, refractory spray coating is mainly used for nozzle repair and maintenance to achieve balanced damage of lining and extend its service life(black aluminum oxide). Therefore, the content of dolomite impurity is limited below 3%, and magnesia is added to improve slag resistance(silicon carbide abrasive grit). At the same time, Japanese companies will transform more top blown oxygen converters in 1981.

The life of top blown oxygen converter has increased from about 100 heats in the initial stage to 5000 heats or even more than 10000 heats(brown fused alumina); The consumption of refractories is decreasing year by year. The consumption of steel refractories per ton of LD converter is 3 kg, that of bottom blown oxygen converter is 2-5 kg, that of ld-ac or OLP converter is 6-12 kg(black silicon carbide powder), and that of Kaldo converter is about 10 kg. 

The lining brick of oxygen converter is mainly made of MgO-CaO system raw materials and binders(pink aluminum oxide). The raw materials include dolomite, magnesia dolomite, dolomite magnesia, magnesia and ferrites. The general composition of various raw materials, and only a very high temperature of the melting point (2370 ℃), do not form compounds(green silicon carbide powder). The solubility of MgO in Cao is 2.5% at i620 ℃ and only 0.9% at i620 ℃.

Therefore, especially in the reduction atmosphere of oxygen converter, the corrosion resistance of iron oxide is more significant(brown aluminum oxide). Dolomite lining brick is widely used in oxygen converter, and its service life is not as long as magnesia brick. The damage of oxygen converter lining is unbalanced(arc fused alumina). The consumption of refractories for steelmaking is very large, which directly affects the cost of the boiler.

Dolomite resource is very rich and its price is low in Western Europe(carborundum abrasives). Therefore, when choosing the lining material of converter, in addition to meeting the requirements of smelting technology, each country mainly uses it reasonably according to its own resources, and constantly improves the technology of raw material calcination and brick making(aluminum oxide sandblasting), so as to achieve the goal of long life and low consumption of the furnace.

In the past, magnesia brick, chrome magnesia brick and alumina magnesia brick, which have been successfully used in open hearth lining, are now replaced by basic refractories containing carbon(brown aluminium oxide). The main varieties are tar dolomite brick, your oil magnesia dolomite brick, tar magnesia brick, magnesia carbon brick or various impregnated bricks, etc.(fused alumina), and they have higher requirements for performance indexes.

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