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Low Price Brown Fused Alumina Micropowder USA

Japan Shenggang uses a comprehensive masonry method with a maximum service life of more than 200 times(brown aluminium oxide). The average life of wax stone bricks is 30 to 50 times. The average life of other single bricks is 50 to 100 times. 4.0 kg / ton pan; the average life of the steel drum lining in West Germany is 20-30 times(silicon carbide abrasive); the average life span of the steel drum lining in the Soviet Union is 12-20 times, and the unit consumption of refractory materials is 6-7 kg / ton steel.

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Continuous steel casting technology has developed rapidly, Japan has the highest continuous casting ratio(white aluminium oxide), reaching 70.7% in 1981, followed by Italy, Liangde and France, the Soviet Union has the lowest continuous casting ratio, basically similar to China, Generally less than 10%, the middle package is an important equipment for cerium(brown fused alumina micro), generally using wax i bricks, glued bricks, high aluminum bricks and phosphoric acid combined with high aluminum bricks.

General service life: with a maximum service life of 7 times, generally 2 to 4 times; about 30 times during intermittent operation and about 100 times during continuous operation(aluminum oxide blasting grit). The unit consumption of refractories is 1.6 ~ 1.7 and 0.7 ~ 1.0 kg / ton steel respectively. Long nozzle bricks and immersed nozzle bricks are generally made of fused silica(green silicon carbide). There are many types of non-ferrous metallurgical furnaces, and can also be refractory castables into refractory plastics Within production.

In order to facilitate the removal of residual steel and sticky slag, and to increase its service life(black aluminum oxide), continuous casting tundish linings in countries such as Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and West Germany are generally coated with a layer of magnesium coating or installed with a layer of thermal insulation(aluminum oxide abrasive). The life of the protective layer of this tundish is 20 ~ 35 times, and the service life of the working lining can reach 200 ~ 350 times.

Skateboard bricks are generally high-aluminum(brown fused alumina), corundum, magnesium or aluminum-carbon, sewage outlet bricks are corundum, fused quartz or aluminum-carbon, Service life 3 ~ 5 times. In order to maintain the purity of molten steel and prevent reoxidation, long nozzle bricks are generally used to inject molten steel from the steel drum into the tundish(black silicon carbide), and immersed nozzle bricks are used to drain the molten steel from the tundish to the crystallizer.

Recently, aluminum-carbon materials have been widely used, and the use effect is better(pink aluminum oxide). Steel sharp or continuous casting must be heated to be rolled into steel. Heating equipment mainly includes soaking furnace and heating furnace. At present, the inner lining of amorphous refractory materials is widely used, the continuous casting ratio is more than 40%; and heat insulation measures can also be added(aluminum oxide grit). The service life is generally 3 to 7 years, and the highest is 10 years later.

Although the operating temperature is not high(brown aluminum oxide), the oxides are extremely alkaline in the molten state, easy to penetrate and erode the masonry, change the structure of the brick, produce volume expansion, cause the structure to peel, reduce Make life. Therefore, non-ferrous metallurgical furnaces are generally built with alkaline bricks(white aluminium oxide blasting media), and the main varieties are money bricks, magnesia-chromium bricks, brucite bricks, direct-bonded bricks, or electro-melted re-bonded bricks.

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