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Under the light microscope, the shape is relatively straight, the size is generally larger than eutectic graphite, and some large angle branches appear(garnet suppliers). The C-type graphite belongs to the basic type of graphite. The hexagonal screw dislocation lines on the surface of the extracted flake primary graphite were observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM)(brown fused alumina grit), which contained many lamellar thin bodies grown in the same growth direction.

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It is a crystal formed by free growth in hot metal without the interference of pre precipitated phase(garnet abrasive). If the front end of the split wafer is in contact with the liquid, they will grow in different directions and form branches. It is confirmed that the defect of plum crystal in the substructure is the reason of large angle branching(silicon carbide abrasive powder). When the spheroidal graphite crystal begins to precipitate, the melt is highly supercooled and the solidification interface becomes unstable.

(low price brown fused aluminum oxide factory belgium)In the process of crystal growth along [1010] orientation according to the mechanism of rotational lie crystal(pink corundum), some protrusions may occur at the edge of graphite sheet (the surface is prismatic surface) due to crystal defects, trapped impurity atoms or local changes of solidification conditions(pink aluminium oxide). If the thermal environment of the contact interface between the bulge and the liquid phase is suitable, the bulge will continue to grow and form branches.

When there are heterogeneous materials (including austenite dendrite) on the interface of graphite growth and prevent the graphite crystal from advancing in the liquid phase(black corundum), the thin sheet may be split and bent to the side. If only one side of the sheet is in contact with the liquid phase and the other side is trapped in austenite, the graphite will only bend without branching(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The primary graphite can promote the formation of eutectic graphite.(low price brown fused aluminum oxide factory belgium)

There are flake graphite at the tip of coarse flake primary graphite(white alumina). These flakes of graphite may bifurcate or have small branches on their edges. The bifurcations or branches can accept carbon atoms and become the growth starting point of eutectic graphite. The growth of eutectic graphite at these sites does not need new nucleation, so the amount of supercooling required for the formation of eutectic graphite can be reducedV. The growth direction of branched crystals always deviates from the original growth direction.

(low price brown fused aluminum oxide factory belgium)That is to say, the growth rate of [0001] is higher than that of [1010], and the surface of graphite ball is surrounded by (0001) crystal face perpendicular to the radius of sphere(brown fused alumina). The Precipitation Tendency of new phase increases. When the concentration of carbon atom is high enough, there is a chance to start the growth of graphite crystal at all positions on the crystal nucleus(steel grid), which promotes the growth of single crystal in three-dimensional radiation.

In the radiation growth of single crystal, the critical radius of rotation of spiral growth crystal can not be reached due to the limitation of adjacent single crystal(brown aluminum oxide). The impurity atoms adsorbed on the screw dislocation holes can block part of the screw dislocation growth steps and destroy the growth mode of spherical graphite, which is usually called interference elements(black silicon carbide powder). The basic growth mode of spheroidal graphite is the spiral growth of monomer.

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