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Low Price Carborundum Grit Suppliers Belgium

For example: 42/2 × 34: indicates that the cotton warp yarn is two 42-count single yarns combined with twisted strands, and the weft yarn is 34 count yarns(white fused alumina). What is the organization of cotton? This is called the organization of cotton. The structure of cotton is very complicated, but there are only three basic types: plain, twill, and satin(green silicon carbide). Other tissues have evolved from them. Including two kinds of neps and impurities.

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The warp and weft yarns of this kind of structure take one float and one sink(white aluminum oxide), that is, each of the warp and weft yarns cross each other up and down, which can be represented by 1/1. (Picture 4-4A) The plain weave structure is characterized by the most interweaving points, firm hand feel, tight and firm texture, smooth surface, the same shape of the front and back sides, the most widely used(aluminum oxide abrasive). Plain cloth and poplin belong to this kind of organization.

Breaking strength and elongation: divided into warp and weft directions(white corundum). Density is generally measured in the middle of the cloth with a fabric density analysis mirror. Neps impurities affect the flatness of the cotton surface, so the cotton cloth should be treated, and the percentage of defect grids must also be stipulated(black silicon carbide). The warp and weft yarns interweave with each other according to a certain rule, so that the cotton surface forms certain lines and patterns.

Plain weave is the simplest tissue, and it takes up the largest proportion(brown fused aluminum oxide). The thickness of the cotton cloth is measured with a thickness gauge or micrometer, and the minimum scale of the measuring tool should be 0.01 mm. The weight of the cotton cloth is expressed as the dry weight of 1 square meter, and the unit is grams(aluminum oxide grit). Neps are yellow or white lumps formed by cotton fibers, immature cotton or stiff cotton due to improper processing.

Cotton fiber is insoluble in water, but will absorb a lot of water(white aluminium oxide). The impurities are seed shavings, broken leaves, broken sticks, cottonseed bark, hemp, grass, wood chips, colored wool and starch woven into the cloth with or without pine fibers (or fluff). The amount of neps impurities is expressed as a percentage of defect grid(synthetic corundum). Cover the sampling site with a 15 × 15 cm glass plate (engraved with 225 squares and an area of 1 cm * each) * to count the number of imperfections.

This is an indicator that changes the length of the warp and weft directions of the cotton cloth before and after immersion(black aluminum oxide). It is expressed as the percentage of the difference between the length of the cotton cloth before and after treatment according to the prescribed washing method and the length before shrinkage(emery abrasive). The wet breaking strength will be lower than the dry cloth breaking strength. Sewing breaking strength is divided into warp and weft directions.

The breaking strength of the fabric is the load when the 5 × 20 cm cloth is broken, and the unit is kg(pink aluminum oxide). The percentage of cotton stretch at break is called the elongation at break. The measurement is carried out on a fabric breaking strength testing machine. The standard conditions for the measurement are: so it is also called a plain weave structure, temperature 20 ± 3 ° C; relative humidity 65 ± 3%(silicon carbide grit). The sample should be placed under this condition for more than 24 hours.

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