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The faster the film removal speed is, the better it is to improve the production efficiency(80 grit aluminum oxide for cerakote). The best way to remove the film is to peel off in the form of a sheet. T membrane technical requirements stipulate: in 3%-5% Na0 daily solution, temperature 50℃-70℃(brown fused alumina oxide), the first-level index film removal time is 305-75s, and the second-level index film removal time is 60-150s, no residual glue on the surface after removing the film. 

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The fragments from the medicine are removed through the filter(brown fused aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). This will not only extend the service life of the film removal solution, but also reduce the damage to the nozzle. Blocked. The distinguishing feature of the hard-bristled drama is that the nylon yarn has good abrasion resistance, so it has a long service life, about 10 times that of the compression brush(buy brown fused alumina), but this kind of drama is not suitable for processing multilayer substrates.

(low price chrome alumina factory south korea)The good developability of the dry film refers to the degree of resistance of the exposed dry film to overdevelopment(alumina blasting), that is, the maximum development time that can be exceeded, and the development resistance reflects the latitude of the development art. The resolution of the dry film is related to the thickness of the resist film(carborundum powder suppliers). The thicker the resist film layer, the lower the resolution, the processing or packaging after the transfer.

The storage period should not exceed six months from the factory(white aluminum oxide dental). The developability of the dry film refers to the quality of the graphics and text effects obtained after the film is pasted, chewed, and developed in the best working state, that is, the text should be clear, and the photosensitive adhesive layer of the light-free part should be removed cleanly No residual glue(aluminum oxide 1000 grit). Corrosion occurs on the surface, which affects the appearance.

The dry film may become metamorphic due to the volatilization of the solvent during the storage process(brown fused alumina), and may also be thermally polymerized due to the influence of the ambient temperature, or the film thickness may be uneven due to the local flow of the resist (the so-called cold flow). In order to meet the above two requirements(white corundum manufacturers), yellow light zone, the substrate must be carefully processed before filming.(low price chrome alumina factory south korea)

Therefore, it is very important to store dry film in a good environment(brown fused alumina price). In this case, ethanol and acetone can also be used to remove the polymerized dry film, which is very beneficial for the removal of the photoresist film on the surface of aluminum alloy, because aluminum is an amphoteric metal(aluminum oxide 40/60 grit). The processing methods can be divided into three categories: mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and electrolytic cleaning.

(low price chrome alumina factory south korea)Storage conditions are: low temperature and dry 27℃ (5℃-21℃ is better) relative humidity is about 50%(white aluminium oxide). After this period, it can still be used after passing the inspection according to the technical requirements. The technical requirements stipulate that dry film should be stored in a cool and clean room to prevent storage with chemicals and radioactive substances(low soda alumina). These will seriously affect the use of ten membranes.

The process flow of image and text transfer using dry film is(black aluminum oxide): cleaning the substrate before applying the dry film-drying-applying dry film-positioning the photo plate-guiding light-developing → washing-stopping the image → washing-image transfer effect self-inspection-drying-repair The self-checking of the revision effect of the version(aluminum oxide 80-90 grit), the electroplating or etching process of graphics and text, the unwinding process.

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