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Low Price Garnet Supply Indonesia

The core of this technology is called "Zhuan Mi Pei Shao" in suaocao village, which is based on the principle of fire treatment(white alumina). The causes of oxidation, slag falling and rotten block of anode in electrolytic cell are analyzed carefully.  The vacuum degree is 0.09 ~ 0.0 # 4MPa(garnet abrasive). Technology is a kind of harmless utilization technology with independent intellectual property rights in China. This method is similar to ausmel.

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Starting from improving the volume density of anode, reducing air permeability and resistivity, we cooperate with a carbon factory to develop high-quality anode(green silicon carbide). The key point of the production process of super high quality anode is to select general coke. In the process of burning coal ash with calcium chloride, there is no reaction between coal ash and calcium chloride(white corundum sand). This method is also used in Canada. Chalco · Sp1.(low price garnet supply indonesia)

Coal paint green and anti-oxidation additive are divided into fine powder by medium thinning, and then mixed with broken green to form open and wrong anode(brown fused alumina price). After burning the finished product at one time, high-power or ultra-high-power high-voltage electrode continuation process is used(aluminum oxide grit). The ordinary Gushi anode is treated by high-pressure alkali leaching, and the leaching process is carried out first on the section.

(low price garnet supply indonesia)First of all, the gas in the anode pore is discharged, or in vacuum state, and filled with the special green for impregnation(white aluminum oxide). Therefore, heat it to 280 ~ 330 ℃, count the temperature from the outside to the inside, put it into the high plate extreme pressure reduction tank, and vacuum the product(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). By using this method, an industrial treatment plant has been built in the United States with an annual capacity of 1000001.

The main physical and chemical performance indexes of super high quality anodes were set by shipboard(pink corundum), and the comparison with the thermal physical and chemical indexes of ordinary pre melted anodes is shown in the table. T method, because of too much energy consumption, did not realize industrial production(aluminum oxide abrasive). The quality of anode plays an important role in the process of aluminum and electricity department.(low price garnet supply indonesia)

The number in this table is the range or average value of the analysis results of eight groups of super high quality anodes and ordinary pre cultured anodes(white fused alumina). Under the effect of vacuum, the open pore directly inhales the impregnation green, and then pressurizes 1.6Mpa, forces the injection and maintains the pressure for 3 ~ 4b(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting), so as to ensure that the anode pore is fully filled with the green for impregnation under high pressure.

(low price garnet supply indonesia)It can be seen from the table that the physical and chemical indexes of the super high quality premelted anode magic block are better than those of the ordinary premelted anode warm carbon block(black corundum), and the most obvious one is that the resistivity is 15-350 m lower than that of the ordinary anode. The solid waste residue can be used to produce cement. By using this method(black silicon carbide), a large-scale treatment plant has been built in every Beike.

The results show that the body muscle density is 0.15-0.20g/cm higher(white corundum), the linear retention loss of air is 8.8% higher than that of ordinary anode, the reaction residue is 109% higher, and the porosity is 8% lower. This is due to the addition of a certain amount of antioxidants in the production process of chart high-quality anode and the fact that the pores of the original anode are filled by sugar during the high-pressure leaching process(steel shot abrasive).(low price garnet supply indonesia)

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