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If the gas gathering efficiency of the electrolytic cell can not reach the design index (96%), the total pollutant emission will not reach the standard(black corundum price). Therefore, when setting the boundary conditions of outfield entrance, it is necessary to set the interface between the space computing city and the main smoke pipe(pink fused aluminum oxide). As mentioned above, there are six round flame holes on the cover material of electrolytic lattice.

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On the six sides of the space computing City, and the temperature is set to the calculated outdoor temperature of abdominal ventilation at 30 ℃(carborundum powder suppliers). When setting the number of grids at the gap of the sealing cover, manually segment the number of grids on the line segment of the area to add the grids locally(brown aluminium oxide fine powder), so as to ensure that the increased grid is mainly used to ensure the accuracy of solving the inner flow field and temperature field.

(low price gma garnet manufacturers ukraine)At the same time, in the design of electrolytic negative pressure balance system(aluminum oxide blast media 36 grit), in addition to the partition gas plugging structure, the double channel exhaust technology is also adopted. In this way, it can prevent the marriage Qi from going out of the heel. The original gas gathering structure of Shuangzhou road is shown in the figure(240 grit aluminum oxide powder). I think the inclined gas flow of each flame hole is equal, and the flue gas flow rate is 0.284 M / s.

The principle is that during the normal production of electrolytic sugar(aluminum oxide 500 grit), otherwise the flue gas in the concentrate will pass through the discharge branch pipe to the main exhaust pipe outside the workshop. While in the process operation such as cap discharge, slow down change and high efficiency absorption, close the side channel door of the main exhaust pipe(white fused alumina for precision casting), open the auxiliary exhaust valve and increase the exhaust air volume.

(low price gma garnet manufacturers ukraine)The flue gas in the aluminum electrolysis staggered gas collector is the combination of incompressible gas and cold air(aluminium oxide powder price). Due to the mixture of smoke and air, there is heat transfer in the hood. The model simulation of lead electrolysis gas gathering system involves complex physical processes such as multiphase subsurface flow and fluid heat transfer(brown aluminium oxide for refractory), so the k-double equation model is used to accurately simulate the process.

Therefore, using the special software based on CFD technology to simulate the temperature field, pressure field(white aluminium oxide powder 320 grit), velocity field and dye concentration field of the air net can get a more intuitive effect. In order to achieve the coordination between the grid size of qingfengzhangxiongke irrigation simulation and other grids(aluminum oxide polishing grit), so as to ensure that the alcohol resistance is consistent with the actual situation.(low price gma garnet manufacturers ukraine)

In order to determine the negative pressure value of the outlet metal of the electrolysis grid(aluminum oxide crystals), the flow conditions of the flue outlet under five different pressure values are considered in the Zhenzhao calculation of the research and development of the new gas gathering structure of the staggered electrolysis, i.e(aluminum oxide blasting). the outlet pressure is - 250pa. - 300pa. - 350pa, - 400pa and - 450A, we increased the measurement size of the dense sheet.

(low price gma garnet manufacturers ukraine)In order to get the accurate calculation results(alumina company), we must set the expanded Jiaban barrier as porous media, and set the appropriate porosity, the pressure is set to 1 atmospheric pressure, so that it can be used as much as possible before the grid can be well handled The accuracy of numerical simulation is not affected(aluminium oxide manufacturers). The volume model and finite element model of the simulation calculation are shown in the diagram.

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