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Low Price Green Silicon Carbide Powder Suppliers Russia

Glycerin, also known as glycerin, has a molecular formula of CH (OH)2. Moisture absorption capacity(pink aluminum oxide), the highest moisture absorption capacity can reach 40% of its own weight. Ethylene glycol, also known as glycol, and there are four different molecular structures(silicon carbide abrasive). It is a colorless, odorless and sweet viscous liquid with a specific gravity of 1.13 and a boiling point of 197 ° C. It has a strong ability to absorb moisture in air.

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Glycerin and ethylene glycol are the most commonly used gelatin plasticizers, but their plasticizing effect is not ideal(brown aluminium oxide). When the weather is extremely dry, it does not soften, and when it is wet and rainy, it is often due to absorption. Too much tide makes the adhesive layer soft and tacky(150 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, in the coated abrasives industry, has a chemical formula of CH (OH) 2, glycerin and ethylene glycol are basically not used, and sulfonated castor oil or hexanetriol are used instead.

A dispersion of particles in water(brown fused aluminum oxide). In cold areas, adding a small amount of ethylene glycol to the emulsion can improve freezing. The second method is to add a cross-linking agent, which is added when using polyvinyl acetate emulsion. It is a colorless, odorless, sweet, viscous body with a specific gravity of 1.26, a boiling point of 290 ° C, and is soluble in water(black silicon carbide). In addition to water, the formula of animal glue has fillers, softeners, preservatives and colorants.

Due to the sol's strict temperature requirements, the sol is generally carried out in a water bath(white aluminium oxide). Foreign countries often use hexanetriol, hexanetriol is a yellow-green oily viscous fluid, pure appearance, no impurities, translucent. The specific gravity is 1.08-1.09, the refractive index at 20 ℃ is 1.468-1.470(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The PH value is close to 7, the chemical formula of hexanetriol is CH (OH), among which 2, 3, 4 Hexatriol is the most suitable softener for animal glue.

Due to the different origin of animal glue(brown fused alumina), different raw materials, different production processes, and different quality, it is necessary not only to have a glue formula, but also to specify the viscosity range of the bottom compound rubber with different particle sizes, in order to effectively control the quality of the glue and ensure uniform glue application(220 grit aluminum oxide). There are many methods for measuring viscosity, and fluid viscometers are often used in production.

The particle diameter is usually 0.1 to 2 microns, and the surrounding area is protected by an emulsifier(black aluminum oxide). If the ambient temperature is too low, the polymer becomes discontinuous particles, resulting in poor bonding, so the ambient temperature can not be lower than the film formation temperature of the emulsion, the minimum film formation temperature of the emulsion without plasticizer is 20 ℃, plasticized(80 grit aluminum oxide). The agent can reduce the minimum film-forming temperature.

Polyvinyl acetate emulsion is a milky white viscous colloid with a solid content of about 50%(brown aluminum oxide). It is slightly acidic and has a slight odor of acetic acid. Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-explosive. It is a convenient and commonly used binder. It can be diluted, thickened or added with other fillers according to different requirements and purposes during use(fine grit aluminum oxide). Even with some other binders, can achieve better results.

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