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Low Price Silicon Carbide 180 Grit Malaysia

The circulating hot air absorbs the heat emitted by the high-pressure steam fins and is sent into the drying room (box) with a blower(pink aluminum oxide). Absorbency measurement: After the impregnated paper is completely cured, the water absorption can be measured by absorption gravimetric method or capillary absorption rate method, and the water resistance of the impregnated paper can be known(steel grid). 

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The back impregnation mainly plays a waterproof role(green silicon carbide powder); the viscosity is too small, the resin content is too small, and the purpose of impregnation is not achieved; and the solvent will damage the fiber. The viscosity is too high, the resin is difficult to enter the fiber interior, and also can not reach Impregnation purpose(aluminum oxide blasting media). After dipping, it is generally hung and dried in the circulating hot air heating drying room.

Determination of tensile strength(white fused alumina): After the impregnated paper has been cured completely, the tensile strength can be measured on a tensile machine, and compared with the tensile strength of the base paper, the effect of impregnation can also be known(green silicon carbide). After the processed base paper has passed the inspection, it can begin to spread the glue and sand. From the chemical point of view, cotton fiber is mainly composed of cellulose.

From the front and back of the paper, the cloth is the most important substrate for coated abrasives(white aluminum oxide). The cloth includes cotton cloth, linen cloth, artificial fiber cloth, synthetic fiber cloth, etc., but the most widely used one is cotton cloth. This provides favorable conditions for the finishing of cotton cloth(black silicon carbide powder). If you continue to heat to 120 ℃, the fiber will turn yellow. When heated to 150 ~ 160 ℃, it will decompose.

What are the characteristics of cotton fiber and how is it spun and woven(white corundum). Simply understand these knowledge, for understanding cotton cloth The performance, which cotton cloth can be used as the base of coated abrasives, how to deal with cotton cloth, and how to use, protect and promote its characteristics in the manufacture of coated abrasives(black silicon carbide), to make up for its shortcomings are of great benefit.

The raw material of cotton cloth is cotton(brown fused aluminum oxide). Weft yarns are single yarns, and high warp density, and warp yarns are single yarns or strands. Cotton is called raw cotton in the industry after removing cotton seeds. Each fluff of raw cotton is called cotton fiber(garnet abrasive). There are three types of gabardine: gabardine, the role is slightly different, half-line gabardine, only stay on the surface, and full-line gabardine, and the weft is 251.5.

Such as 42/2 × 21 half-line gabardine, the warp density is 456.5(white aluminium oxide). The former is called yarn whip, the latter is called yarn whip, the density is relatively thin, and the density of warp and weft yarns is roughly close. For example, the 20 × 20 yarn is braided, the warp density is 283, and the weft density is 248(garnet suppliers). The density is larger than twill and rabble, and the difference between warp density and weft density is greater.

Khaki also has three kinds of yarn, half-line and full-line khaki, which has a higher density, low weft density(black aluminum oxide), such as 42/2 × 21 The half-thread khaki has a warp density of 487 and a weft yarn of 272. Due to their different textures and densities, the texture of denim and rags is bulky and soft; while the gabardine texture is thick and strong(glass bead blasting media suppliers), the khaki texture is hard and not resistant to bending and grinding.

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