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Low Price Silicon Carbide Abrasive Powder Taiwan

At the side of the furnace door, the furnace bottom working layer is built with alumina silicon carbide brick, which can be used for more than 11 years(brown aluminium oxide). However, the high price of the brick is not conducive to further promotion. The heat exchange performance of checker brick is not only restricted by the material, but also its shape and arrangement(arc fused alumina). Therefore, brick masonry is widely used in many countries.

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The lining body of other parts of coke oven is generally built with bricks(brown fused aluminum oxide). With the development of large volume coke oven, its chute and regenerator column wall, bottom and partition wall are generally built with silica brick to ensure the uniform expansion of coke oven masonry and structural stability(silicon carbide companies). In order to ensure the tightness of coke oven regenerator masonry, "swallow tail" type brick masonry is usually used.

The lattice brick is generally of adhesive quality, and it is also made of magnesia lattice brick with good heat conduction and large heat capacity(white aluminium oxide). According to the data of Soviet coking research and Design Institute, under the same height, the heating surface area of a group of lattice bricks is 547 meters when using standard bricks(glass beads manufacturers), 752 meters when using strip bricks and 972 meters when using special bricks.

Therefore, the latter two types of lattice should be selected to improve the heat exchange capacity(brown fused alumina). In addition, the lattice brick wall is thinned and honeycomb structure is adopted. The upper layer shall be paved with large bricks, and technical measures such as waterproof and sealing shall be taken at the same time(fused alumina). The molecular formula of chrysolite is 2mg · 2a12o3 · 5sio2, and the melting temperature is 1460 ℃.

Therefore, the working temperature of the bottom of the regenerator and the small flue of the coke oven is 600 ℃ lower than that of the dry one(black aluminum oxide), and it is easy to damage the product type conversion surface when using silica brick masonry. Coke oven Yiding brick is generally built with sticky brick or silica brick(garnet abrasive price). The service life is about 4~5 years, and the heat insulation effect is very good, which can expand the heat transfer area.

Fill layer shall be added to the upper part of the top cover brick, with high thermal shock stability, and bricks, light bricks and red bricks shall be laid in turn(brown aluminum oxide). It has become an urgent problem in environmental protection and operation to eliminate gas leakage and carbon deposition(glass bead abrasive). The fused quartz brick and Yingqing brick with low carbon deposition and high thermal shock stability have been developed abroad.

When making bricks, high-temperature resistant raw materials should be added to improve the fire resistance and prolong the service life(pink aluminum oxide); the thermal conductivity and thermal expansion rate of fused silica bricks are relatively small, high compressive strength, easy to make large bricks, smooth surface without carbon deposition(steel shot abrasive). Recently, the J lining of Japanese coke oven is constructed with fused silica foam bricks.

The bulk density of the brick is 0.5-0.8g/cm(green carborundum), the apparent porosity is 50-80%, the compressive strength is 100-300kg / cm, the coefficient of thermal expansion is (0.5-0.6) × 105 / ℃, and the coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.1-0.2kka/m · h · C. Therefore, fused silica brick has been widely used in coke oven doors and gas risers in the United States and Canada(60 grit aluminum oxide), and its service life is nearly 14 times longer than that of sticking brick.

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