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Low Price Silicon Carbide Grinding Factory Switzerland

At the same time there are products of animals and plants after corruption (methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc.). When measuring the K element seal(100 grit aluminum oxide media), the K filter is placed, which only passes the purple line of K, and when measuring Na, the Na filter is replaced. Its function is to convert the optical signal into an electrical signal and display it on the ammeter after being amplified(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), so that the content of the measured element can be read.

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The function of the sprayer is to disperse the liquid to be measured into mist in the air, suspended solids and colloidal substances: and then excite it on the torch(arc fused alumina). The photometer part includes a photoelectric effect element-a silicon photovoltaic cell, an amplifier and an ammeter. The temperature of the flame depends on the fuel, and different fuels can produce different temperatures(fine grit aluminum oxide). has little effect on groundwater quality, strong corrosion, easy processing, beautiful appearance, etc.

(low price silicon carbide grinding factory switzerland)Calcium and magnesium salts are the conditions that determine the hardness of water quality(white aluminium oxide). The disadvantage is that it can withstand poor pressure resistance. In addition to the nature of the fuel, the fuel supply also directly affects the flame temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to control the E force of the fuel gas, the pressure of air or oxygen, and the flow rate of the measured liquid into the atomizer(180 grit aluminum oxide). The disadvantage is that it can bear poor pressure resistance.

The corrosion effect of Kanggen in salts, such as SO2 and CI, on metal equipment is a noteworthy issue(brown fused alumina). Insoluble neutral carbonates such as calcium, hydrate, and iron become soluble acid salts Ca(HCO) and Mg(HCO) groundwater also contains oxides and sulfates of alkali metals and alkaline earth metals when they interact with carbonic acid And aluminum, silicon and other element compounds(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). Water used as a raw material will affect the quality and purity of the product.(low price silicon carbide grinding factory switzerland)

In summary, the Qin in water can be divided into four categories(brown aluminum oxide): suspended solids such as sediment in water; colloidal substances such as iron oxide, silicon oxide and high molecular organic compounds. It is undesirable for any industrial water to carry suspended solids and colloidal substances in the water, because they will block the pipes, reduce the heat transfer efficiency, and make the boiler water foam more(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). For example, it has a great influence on the food and brewing industry. 

(low price silicon carbide grinding factory switzerland)Temporary hardness refers to the content of calcium bicarbonate and bicarbonate in water(brown aluminium oxide). There are usually NaO2, H4S, CO2, etc. The CO seal contained in the water is the most susceptible to equipment corrosion. When water contains oxygen, it causes electrochemical corrosion. Generally, sodium salt, calcium salt and iron salt are more. This surplus has a great influence on the continued production of boiler water and aluminum sulfate(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The hardness of water is called hardness.

It has little impact on ground water quality, strong corrosion, easy processing, beautiful appearance, etc(brown fused aluminum oxide). The first two of the above four types of impurities are insoluble impurities, and the latter two are water-soluble impurities. What is most desirable in industrial water is the content of salts, especially the content of calcium and magnesium salts(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The hardness of water is divided into temporary hardness, permanent hardness and total hardness.(low price silicon carbide grinding factory switzerland)

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