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The mechanical properties of the single decoration samples need to be tested for different melting times(white alumina). If the performance of the single decoration sample submitted for acceptance is unqualified, it needs to be removed from the teeth. The internal pinholes, looseness, analysis(black aluminium oxide), bubbles and impurities inside the casting peak shall be collected according to the relevant special technical standards or relevant regulations.

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There are no cold shut, crack(brown fused alumina price), penetrating defect and serious incomplete defect (not pouring, not pouring, mechanical sweeping, etc.) on the casting surface to be processed, and the defects that can be removed after processing are allowed. When the mechanical properties of the pins supplied by welding repair as cast are not up to standard(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), it is allowed to conduct proper heat treatment adjustment on the drill parts.

(low price silicon carbide grit manufacturers malaysia)Otherwise, when the mechanical property requirements of casting cutting test are different from those specified in this standard(aluminum oxide grit), the inspection shall be carried out according to the provisions of special technical documents through consultation with the manufacturer(100 grit aluminum oxide white). The edge spacing of flat area (including the welding area on the opposite side) shall not be less than the sum of the diameters of adjacent welding areas of two phases.

When cutting samples, representative castings should be selected from each melting heat of the heat treatment heat, and the mechanical properties of the samples should be determined(white aluminum oxide). Only tensile strength and elongation are measured in mechanical property test. For the pin with specific requirements for hardness, the hardness value shall be measured(carborundum abrasives). One anchor can be used as a batch inspection when the requirements of this article are specified.(low price silicon carbide grit manufacturers malaysia)

If three samples are cut from each part of the casting(pink corundum). If the mechanical properties of the samples (whether there are defects or not) are unqualified, the pin parts can be doubled and the samples can be cut again to check the mechanical properties when the castings are in normal state and representative(black aluminum oxide blast media). If the inspection results of both castings are qualified, the mechanical properties are qualified, otherwise they are unqualified.

(low price silicon carbide grit manufacturers malaysia)If there are other performance or structural strength requirements for the parts, the acceptance technical conditions shall be specified in the drawings or special technical documents(white corundum). At this time, the manufacturer can also recheck one by one. If the chemical composition is unqualified, the cast iron pipe body represented by the sample can be sampled for re inspection(carborundum grit). After the third heat treatment, if it is still unqualified, all the parts are discarded.

The mechanical properties of the pins are still checked and accepted according to the original as cast indexes(black corundum), and the convenience inspection is carried out according to the requirements of alloy or casting standards. Transfer parts can be pulled in the same batch hardness. If it is unqualified, the number of spot checks will be doubled(white corundum manufacturers). If the group is unqualified, the heat treatment and re inspection can be carried out again.(low price silicon carbide grit manufacturers malaysia)

The same place shall be welded for no more than three times(white fused alumina). The hardness inspection position and sampling method on the reading piece shall conform to the provisions of the drawing or relevant documents. When the surface with unqualified hardness is re heat treated(white fused alumina price), the tensile strength and elongation of single bell sample or cut sample shall be rechecked according to the original requirements in addition to hardness inspection after heat treatment.

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