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After the pycnometer is filled with distilled water(brown fused alumina), when the plug with capillary in the middle is used to plug it, the excess water will overflow from the capillary, so the volume of distilled water in the bottle is fixed. It can be seen that increasing the sintering temperature of the first step in a proper range is beneficial to obtain corundum abrasive with dense and uniform microstructure and high compressive strength(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). Take out the sample and place it in the pycnometer.

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By measuring the density p of abrasive with pycnometer(brown fused alumina price), the mass m of abrasive, the total mass ma of pycnometer and water filled with water, and the total mass MB of abrasive put into the bottle filled with water can be weighed in turn. The mass of water discharged from the pycnometer by abrasive is m + momb, the volume of discharged water is the volume of abrasive whose mass is m, and Po is the density of distilled water(arc fused alumina). The results of the other two groups were also in line with this conclusion.

(low price silicon carbide grit suppliers australia)For the measurement of static pressure method, indentation hardness method can be used(brown aluminum oxide). Among them, the charge of NAT and K ions is small, the ion radius is large, and the field strength is small, which mainly plays the role of breaking the network(silicon carbide companies). When the first sintering temperature is the same and the holding temperature is different, the microstructure of the abrasive sample and the compressive strength of the single particle are obviously different.

Similarly, it can be seen that in the two-step sintering process(pink aluminum oxide), when the holding temperature of the sample is 1150 ℃, the higher the first sintering temperature is, the greater the strength of the abrasive sample is. When the temperature reaches 1350 ℃, the single particle strength of the sample is about 48.0n(synthetic corundum). In contrast, the microstructure of the sample is not dense, there are large grains, there are a lot of pores at the grain boundary, which destroy the material properties.(low price silicon carbide grit suppliers australia)

When the holding temperature is 1200 ℃, with the increase of the first sintering temperature(white alumina), the microstructure and mechanical properties of the abrasive samples still meet the above-mentioned rules. The purpose of the first sintering step is to provide enough thermodynamic driving force for grain boundary diffusion of the sample(green carborundum), so that the phase transition from transition state to a-alumina can be completed without too large grain size.

(low price silicon carbide grit suppliers australia)The influence of different two-step sintering system on the compressive strength and microstructure of single abrasive particles(brown aluminium oxide). When the sintering system is 1350 ℃ - 1150 ℃ - 5h and 1350 ℃ - 1200 ℃ - 5h respectively, the strength of the latter abrasive sample is higher, which can reach more than 60N, and the grain size distribution is more uniform, the grain size is small, the structure is very dense, and the porosity is low(fused alumina), so its mechanical properties are better than other samples.

In the second step, the aim of sintering is to restrain the grain growth and eliminate the pores of the sample, so that it can obtain a more compact structure and better strength(black aluminum oxide). However, due to the low holding temperature of the two-step sintering, the process of eliminating the pores of the sample can only rely on the diffusion of the grain boundary, and the fire resistance of the binder gradually decreases with the decrease of the Si / Al ratio(glass beads supplier).(low price silicon carbide grit suppliers australia)

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