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Low Price White Aluminium Oxide Grit Belgium

The key to the unstable properties of corundum abrasives prepared by coprecipitation method is to avoid the tendency of separate precipitation and agglomeration of precipitates. Zhou Xiya used uniform precipitation method to prepare aluminum hydroxide precipitation with aluminum nitrate and urea as raw materials(white fused alumina for refractory), and then used ethanol as dehydrating agent to obtain y-al2o3 particles under 40 nm.

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The traditional fused corundum abrasive becomes flat and passivated after being removed from the working point(white corundum). When the precipitant added to the solution increases slowly, the precipitate in the solution will be in equilibrium, and the precipitate can appear more evenly in the whole solution(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). However, when the ceramic corundum abrasives are broken after wear, they break along the grain boundary and are micro broken.

Masahiro tamamaki (Japanese abrasives company) synthesized sintered alumina abrasives by coprecipitation with aluminum nitrate as the source(brown fused alumina price), magnesium nitrate and ammonium carbonate as the precipitant. The cccsk series Abrasives 4 of treibach, Austria, are made by grinding a-Al2O3 H2O directly, adding sintering aids such as MgO, SiO2, TiO2, ZrO2, Cr2O3, NiO, Fe2O3 and MnO2, etc.(white aluminum oxide grit), through extrusion molding.

However, it is mainly realized by the larger surface area and higher surface energy of the particles(black aluminum oxide). The pH value of metal salt solution can be adjusted by changing the concentration of ammonia solution as precipitant, so that all metal ions in the solution can meet the coprecipitation conditions(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). During sintering, without melting stage, various additives are added to promote sintering, refine grains, decompose or overflow sodium compounds.

Hydrothermal method is a kind of chemical synthesis method(aluminum oxide 40 grit), which uses water or other liquid as the medium in the sealed pressure vessel and makes inorganic or organic compounds react with each other in the water solution or steam to prepare the precursor of microcrystalline ceramics under high temperature and high pressure (more than 9.81MPa). The density of the abrasives is more than 95%(low sodium white fused alumina), and the grain size is about 1um.

The sintering process is that the precursor of ceramic material is heated below its melting point temperature to make the material fill the particle gap spontaneously and densify, granulation and sintering(white fused alumina). In the process of sintering, the sintering between particles becomes complicated because of chemical reaction, homomorphic polycrystalline transformation and recrystallization, and form microcrystalline solid solution(more than 100 ℃)(high purity fused aluminum oxide).

At present, the microstructure of ceramic materials is developing from micron level to nanometer level(pink aluminum oxide), and the sintering and densification of nanometer powder is the key process of synthesizing nanometer bulk materials. Due to the surface effect, interface effect and small size effect of nanoparticles(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive), the driving force for the growth of nanoparticles is very large, which is dozens or even hundreds of times of that of ordinary powders.

How to control the growth of nanocrystals in the sintering process by controlling the sintering process has become a key problem to obtain nano bulk materials(white aluminum oxide). The excess electric potential energy of the solid surface is the basic driving force of the densification process of the particles(aluminium oxide 36 grit). Therefore, the loss of abrasive particles is less, the wear is less, and the service life is longer (up to 5-10 times of the ordinary corundum wheel).

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