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Low Price White Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Thailand

If dust is produced in the production process, it may cause damage to the conjunctiva and respiratory system of employees(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). Ventilation should be strengthened in areas prone to harmful gas leakage. A certain limited company should set up automatic harmful gas alarm device and portable alarm device(100 grit aluminum oxide white), and workers should wear protective masks and oxygen respirators when operating. 

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Those who are poisoned should be taken away from the site quickly to breathe fresh air, take a half lying position for rest(brown fused alumina price), and those who are serious should be sent to the hospital for treatment. Select the cooler with high thermal efficiency to reduce the use of circulating water(glass beads manufacturers). Through energy saving analysis, the project can make rational use of energy, improve energy efficiency, and promote industrial structure adjustment and industrial upgrading.

The operation equipment used in the production process(black aluminum oxide), such as mechanical equipment for conveying materials, vacuum pump for manufacturing vacuum, air compressor, fan, etc., all have strong noise generation, and the noise generated by these equipment is between 55dB (a) and 85dB (a): if the noise prevention measures are improper(silicon carbide companies), it may cause hearing loss, neurasthenia and other injuries to the employees exposed to noise.

For office and domestic water, water-saving faucets and other products shall be selected to save water resources(white fused alumina); circulating water system shall be set up to make full use of production water, recycle available water resources as far as possible, reduce waste of water resources and achieve the purpose of water conservation(corundum white), with remarkable energy conservation effect, and promote the technology of waste water recycling and "zero discharge".

Take the measures of "separate quality water(pink aluminum oxide), multiple use of one water and reuse of reclaimed water", reduce the water intake and wastewater discharge. Energy saving lamps and lanterns shall be used for lighting of production places, office and welfare facilities to avoid unnecessary waste(steel shot abrasive). It is required to turn off the lights when people are walking, and turn off the air conditioner, computer, water dispenser and other facilities when there is no one.

We will focus on the development of technologies for the comprehensive utilization of associated mineral resources and industrial production wastes(white aluminum oxide), the remanufacturing of auto parts and electromechanical products, the recycling of renewable resources, and the resource-based utilization of kitchen, agriculture, electricity and steam inlet of each section(glass bead abrasive), forestry and construction wastes, improve the reuse rate of water.

Adopt the automatic control system to optimize the control process parameters(silicon carbide price), so as to save energy and raw material consumption; install measuring instruments at the water, strengthen the energy measurement management, and resolutely put an end to all kinds of excessive energy use and waste(garnet abrasive price). By 2020, the added value of strategic emerging industries will account for about 15% of GDP, and their employment capacity will be significantly improved.

Formulate technical measures for rational utilization of energy and energy conservation, effectively reduce the consumption of all kinds of energy(white corundum). According to the analysis of the gross product and energy consumption index of the project, the comprehensive energy consumption index of ten thousand yuan added value is at the advanced level of corundum industry in China, meeting the requirements of relevant national energy conservation policies(green carborundum).

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