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Low Price White Aluminum Oxide Lapping Compound Brazil

Although a large amount of seeds is beneficial to ensure the decomposition rate and product, there are also disadvantages(aluminum oxide abrasive). In order to maintain the suspension state of aluminum hydroxide in sodium aluminate solution and ensure the seed has good contact with the solution, a certain stirring intensity should be maintained in the decomposition process(glass bead blasting media suppliers). There was no induction period in the use of newly precipitated aluminum hydroxide seeds.

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With the increase of variety application, the induction period was short and disappeared completely(silicon carbide companies). It has been proved by practice that the method of grading is often used in factories, and the fine aluminum hydroxide separated is returned as seed crystal(steel grid). The results show that the stirring speed has little effect on the decomposition when the concentration of the original solution is low, as long as the aluminum hydroxide can be kept in suspension in the solution.(low price white aluminum oxide lapping compound brazil)

The effective volume of the decomposition tank is reduced(white fused alumina), and the actual decomposition time of the solution will be shortened under the condition of processing a certain amount of semen; the molecular ratio of a large amount of decomposition solution brought by crystal seeds is increased, which is not conducive to decomposition; a large number of seeds are fixed in the process, which increases the power consumption(black fused alumina), and increases the equipment for separating aluminum hydroxide.

(low price white aluminum oxide lapping compound brazil)It has been proved that with the increase of seed coefficient, the decomposition rate also increases. Generally, the seed coefficient varies from 1.0 to 3.0, and the average viscosity of the varieties is 40-60 μ M. The results show that the decomposition rate depends on the diffusion rate(garnet suppliers). When the concentration of decomposition solution reaches 160-170g / 1 Na2O. If the stirring speed is too high, a lot of fine particles will be produced.

Therefore, especially when the seed coefficient is small, even if the stirring intensity is increased, the effect of improving the seed coefficient is more obvious(green carborundum). Moreover, when the seed coefficient is increased to a certain extent, the increase range of decomposition rate decreases(aluminum oxide grit). When the number of seed system is small or the activity of seed is very low, there is a certain period of induction in the decomposition process There is no decomposition of the intermediate solution.

No matter what the decomposition conditions are, the most aluminum hydroxide precipitated in the early stage of decomposition(brown fused aluminum oxide). With the extension of decomposition time, the growth of solution molecular ratio is correspondingly less and less, and the unit capacity of decomposition tank is also lower and lower(black aluminum oxide media). The quality of seed refers to its activity, which depends on the preparation method and conditions of seed, storage time, structure and viscosity (specific surface area).

When the concentration of the solution is higher, the decomposition rate is still relatively low(white corundum). Therefore, the most appropriate stirring intensity and stirring method are generally determined according to the specific situation. When other conditions are the same, the amount of aluminum hydroxide decomposed in the same time is less and less, with the extension of decomposition time(garnet abrasive), the decomposition rate increases and the molecular ratio of mother liquor increases.(low price white aluminum oxide lapping compound brazil)

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