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That is, due to the internal rotation (rotation), the trajectory of rotation (revolution) will form a conical surface(silicon carbide abrasive), so that C can be seen at any position on the circumference of the bottom surface of the cone. When the key can rotate at the same time, the room for C activity is greater(aluminum oxide grit). When the four groups are not the same, the carbon atom is called an asymmetric carbon atom, denoted by C.

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There are many single bonds in a polymer chain(green silicon carbide), and each single bond can rotate inward, so it is easy to imagine that the shape of the polymer in the space can have multiple shears. The different morphologies of molecules in space due to the transfer of a single bond are called conformations(white aluminium oxide 180/220). Due to thermal motion, the conformation of the molecule changes at any time, so the conformation of the polymer chain is statistical.

When the position of the d key is set, due to the rotation and rotation It will drive the revolution and form another cone to make C appear at any position on the other solid circumference(black silicon carbide). The probability of a molecular chain in a straight conformation is extremely small, while the probability of a curly conformation is greater(brown aluminium oxide grit). In fact, the carbon-carbon single bond that is completely free for internal travel is absent. 

When these atoms or groups are close enough, the outer electron cloud of the atom There will be a repulsive force between them, making it inaccessible(aluminum oxide abrasive). In this way, the internal rotation of the single key is hindered, and it takes a certain amount of energy to rotate to overcome the resistance of the intraocular rotation, so the internal rotation is always not completely free, liquid state and other forms(white aluminum oxide 80 grit).

Taking the simplest ethene molecule as an example(white fused alumina), if our line of sight is in the direction of an alkali-carbon bond, the carbon-chlorine bonds on two carbon atoms overlap are called cis, and the difference between 60 angles is called trans. Therefore, with the difference of the monomer structure, it will adopt a conformation of trans and paradigms in different alternating ways(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers), arranged in a spiral form.

The cis conformation potential energy The highest, the lowest energy of the trans conformation(white aluminum oxide), and therefore the most stable, because the rotation from the trans conformation to the cis conformation requires the gram eye barrier. This kind of molecule with different conformation caused by the internal rotation of a single bond is called internal rotation isomerism(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). body, keeping them as far apart as possible.

Take ethylene as an example, there are interactions between hydrogen atoms connected to two adjacent carbon atoms in the main chain(brown aluminium oxide). When they are close enough, the electron clouds of hydrogen atoms repel each other. Polymer aggregates include junction state, amorphous state, oriented state(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). These forms either coexist or exist alone, which affects the performance of the material in many ways.

If the structural unit contains an asymmetric base atom, the structural unit of the isotactic polymer is the same optical isomer(brown fused alumina price), if each structural unit adopts the trans conformation, the distance between its adjacent substituents is too close, It is only 0.25 ~ 0.26nm, which will inevitably be mutually exclusive and turn into a paradigm(best alumium oxide for glass blasting), because the carbon bond always carries other atoms or groups. 

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