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Low Price White Corundum Factory South Africa

In the process of relatively long-term production and application, through the unremitting efforts of investment casting workers(white corundum), certain achievements and progress have been made in the scientific research and production practice of sodium silicate shell, so that the quality of investment casting has been greatly improved(aluminum oxide abrasive). It is also possible to cast the parts which are originally composed of many parts.

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The modern investment casting process began to take shape in the early 20th century(brown fused alumina price). At first, dentists used the investment casting method to pour gold and silver false teeth, and then used to make jewelry. It is suitable for casting some castings with complex and precise structure and shape. The surface roughness is small. The process of investment casting is complex, and there are many process factors that affect the quality of castings(100 grit aluminum oxide white), it is more suitable for investment casting process.

(low price white corundum factory south africa)Because the fusible mold with accurate size and smooth surface is used in investment casting, the integral mold shell without parting surface is obtained(black corundum), which are rich in resources and easy to obtain, and the dimensional error caused by the process of mold lifting, core setting and mold closing in general casting method is avoided(green silicon carbide). It can be used to cast castings with complex and precise structure and difficult to be produced and processed by other methods.

Investment casting has high dimensional accuracy and slow cooling speed(white aluminum oxide), such as various types of turbine, impeller, hollow blade, directional solidification blade, single crystal blade, etc., small castings and thin-walled parts with wall thickness of 0.5mm, minimum hole diameter of less than 1mm, and castings with weight as small as LG(emery abrasive), maximum up to 1000kg and overall dimension of more than 2000mm can be cast(the maximum weight has reached 1000 kg).(low price white corundum factory south africa)

All kinds of alloy materials such as carbon steel(pink corundum), stainless steel, alloy steel, high temperature (heat resistant) alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, precious metal, cast iron, etc. can be produced as castings by investment casting, especially for alloy materials which are difficult to be machined. Therefore, it is more suitable for the development of China's machinery industry, and there is a certain demand market in China(aluminum oxide grit). The production cycle is long.

(low price white corundum factory south africa)Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control all kinds of raw materials and process operations to stabilize the production(white fused alumina). It is most suitable for the production of medium and small castings. The weight of investment castings is mostly from a few grams to more than ten kilograms(black silicon carbide). In recent years, the investment castings produced have developed to a larger weight, but it can not be arbitrarily increased, and there are certain restrictions.

Although the surface quality of the shell and castings produced by the investment casting process with sodium silicate binder is obviously lower than that of the shell making process with silica sol and ethyl silicate binder(silicon carbide abrasive), the production cost of the sodium silicate shell process is relatively low, and all kinds of raw materials used are produced in China(synthetic corundum), and the production cycle of sodium silicate shell making process is also around The period is short.

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