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The damage mechanism of the basic lining of the fluorine gas converter is complicated(glass bead blasting media suppliers). When the types, operating conditions and smelting steel types of the furnace lining bricks are different, the damage situation of the furnace lining is different; that is, under the same conditions, erosion and thermal spalling(brown fused alumina grit), the damage mechanism is also different due to the different curing time and the furnace body parts.

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From the simulation test, especially the research after the use of the converter brick(silicon carbide price), it was found that on the cross section of the furnace lining brick, the matrix component in the working surface reacted with the overflow and formed a molten layer with a thickness of 0.5-2.0 mm, and the carbon component basically disappeared(white aluminum oxide 120 grit); then It is a decarburized layer with a thickness of 0.5, which increases the MgO content in the slag and reduces the erosion rate.

This means that the formation and preservation of the dense MgO layer can improve the resistance to chemical erosion and damage the protective lining(white fused alumina). reduce. But to sum up, under the combined action of physical, chemical and temperature, oxygen converter lining will have mechanical damage, which will eventually lead to furnace shutdown for maintenance(brown aluminum oxide blast media). And can inhibit the continued invasion of the melt.

This means that the relationship between the residual carbon in the converter brick and the erosion depth, with the increase of the residual hub, the depth of the furnace lining being eroded by the molten flowers decreases(white aluminum oxide). This is due to the large amount of residual carbon in the transmission, which makes it difficult to wet the brick lining by immersion(steel grid). At the same time, it can form a better dense MgO layer and prevent the erosion of the slag.

When the residual carbon content in the bricks is equal, the corrosion resistance of magnesia dolomite bricks is better than that of high purity magnesium bricks(white corundum). For this reason, in the oxygen converter steelmaking process, lightly burned Baiyun slag is often used to increase the Mg content in the slag and protect the lining(green carborundum). At the same time, due to the warming effect of the carbon in the brick, the reaction is limited to the molten layer.

For the magnesium white cloud brick, the calcium oxide content is higher(pink aluminum oxide), the depth of the erosion is shallower than the calcium oxide content is lower, that is, the resistance to slag corrosion is good. Under the same conditions, the types of bricks are different, and the damage situation is also different. Performance, causing bricks to melt loss(garnet suppliers). In the early stage of the smelting process, the slag is acidic and the erosion of the lining is severe.

The damage of the lining is continuous, and its erosion rate depends on the formation speed of the decarburized layer of the dolomite brick(black aluminum oxide), the formation of the decarburized layer is fast, the donation speed is reduced, the life of the lining is extended, and the main minerals of the tar magnesium brick melting layer Cristobalite(silicon carbide companies), MgO · FeO, 2CaO · Fe2O3, 2CaO · SiO2, 3CaO · SiO2 and a small amount of 2MgO · SiO2, CaO · MgO · SiO2, etc.

Therefore, the damage of the magnesia brick lining is mainly thermal spalling, and the melting loss is secondary(brown fused aluminum oxide). Magnesia dolomite bricks have suitable compositions of MgO and CaO, and the damage situation is between dolomite bricks and magnesium bricks(garnet abrasive). When the decarburized layer is thick, the slag will invade and the metamorphic layer will increase, that is, which will easily cause the structure to peel off.

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