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Low Price White Corundum Manufacturers Saudi Arabia

Alumina hollow ball products and alumina fiber products are high temperature energy-saving products(white fused alumina). There are many classification methods of special refractories, some of which are classified by production process, produced by traditional production process or special production process, and whose products have special properties and special uses(synthetic corundum). According to the suction condition of gypsum mold, mud shall be supplemented at any time. 

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Corundum brick with high purity, high density and high performance is widely used in large blast furnace and large ladle of steel works, and good results are obtained(brown fused alumina price). All kinds of raw materials are purified manually; all kinds of raw materials are melted, sintered and synthesized by reaction; composite materials are used as raw materials; and fiber-reinforced composite materials are used as raw materials(emery abrasive). They are also called special refractories.(low price white corundum manufacturers saudi arabia)

Some of them are classified by product application(silicon carbide abrasive), but the main classification method is based on the different properties of raw materials and products, which can be roughly divided into five aspects: high melting point oxide materials and their composite materials; refractory compound materials (carbide, nitride, sleeper, silicide, etc.) and their composite materials(brown alumina abrasive); high melting point oxide and refractory metal composite materials (cermet); high temperature fiber and reinforced material.

(low price white corundum manufacturers saudi arabia)It is the best lining material for the second stage furnace and gasification protection of large ammonia plant (300000 t) and the cracking furnace of 300000 t ethylene project(green silicon carbide). Mulberry powder or ultrafine powder technology; spray granulation branch; special molding technology (isostatic pressing, hot pressing, injection molding, tape casting, casting and casting) because of the high temperature performance and low price of alumina products, it is the most widely used.

Corundum brick with high thermal stability is the first choice of lining materials for special materials and products(black silicon carbide), such as firing furnace, phase wire furnace, tungsten rod furnace, diffusion furnace, ceramic metallization furnace, silicified phase electric furnace, etc(aluminum oxide blasting grit). Because of its small volume density and low thermal conductivity, High temperature amorphous material and inorganic coating; it is an ideal lining material for energy saving and consumption reduction.

Oxidation is just an acid refractory with a melting point of 2650 ℃(aluminum oxide abrasive). Alumina precision ceramics can be made into continuous gasket, high temperature protection tube, thermocouple protection tube and insulating ceramic tube, laser tube, rectifier tube, transparent sodium lamp tube, radar radome, micro quilt device, sodium sulfur battery shell, gas purifier and spark plug for smelting or purifying non-ferrous(brown fused alumina micropowder), rare and precious metals.(low price white corundum manufacturers saudi arabia)

The wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials made of alumina ceramics include metal liquid filter(aluminum oxide grit), high-temperature two ceramics for physical and chemical analysis, chemical and visiting industrial machinery parts, such as sealing diagram, valve, plunger pump, catalyst carrier of petrochemical industry, etc(white fused aluminum oxide refractory). Alumina ceramics can be made into reactor insulator in the peaceful use of atomic energy, artificial joints, artificial teeth and so on in bioengineering

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