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Low Price White Corundum Sand Factory Indonesia

The large-scale power consumption equipment in the cultivation and sintering workshop has flat plate system and induced draft fan(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). In the process of bauxite digestion, some minerals react with the circulating mother liquor. By improving the circulation efficiency, the energy consumption is reduced on the basis of increasing the alumina production capacity(black silicon carbide factory), which is the main index of reducing energy consumption.

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The specific measures to reduce power consumption are as follows(white aluminum oxide 220 grit): it is strictly forbidden to control the flat pan and induced draft fan for a long time during the start-up and shutdown period to improve the efficiency of start-up and shutdown; do not open the second weak and strong filtrate pump to reduce the power consumption(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh); do not open more cooling towers under the condition of ensuring the circulating water temperature.(low price white corundum sand factory indonesia)

The mixing of sewage tank can be stopped timely to reduce the power consumption(white aluminium oxide manufacturer), improve the operation efficiency of grab crane, and eliminate the operation of other equipment that should not be operated. The large-scale equipment in gas station mainly includes compressor, blower and belt(black silicon carbide suppliers); Ensure the balance of decomposing and discharging materials, reduce the times of returning materials and the running time of belt. 

The specific measures to reduce power consumption are as follows(brown fused aluminum oxide factory): put an end to the empty operation of coal feeding belt; put an end to the multi opening or long-term idle operation of the compressor and blower; strengthen the contact with the burning cultivation, shorten the baking ignition time, and improve the operation efficiency of the blower and compressor(brown fused alumina grit); It is strictly forbidden to open the standby equipment due to abnormal production.

(low price white corundum sand factory indonesia)Put an end to the operation of other equipment that should not be operated(wilson abrasive). In summer, the axial flow fan used for cooling equipment in each workshop is strictly prohibited from unnecessary operation, and the temperature of equipment motor shall be inspected in time to avoid unnecessary waste of electric energy(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). The start and stop of 90kw and above motors in each workshop shall be reported to the control room 30 minutes in advance. 

The alkali boiling in each workshop shall be standardized, and the unified arrangement of dispatching shall be obeyed(brown fused aluminum oxide). It is strictly prohibited to make alkaline boiling at will, and the alkali boiling time is too long. Similarly, to reduce the steam consumption, it is necessary to find out the causes and take the following measures(brown aluminum oxide blast media); stable digestion temperature, The adjustment of condensate tank level is an important means to adjust the fresh steam flow.

Steam consumption process is mainly composed of pipeline digestion(silicon carbide price), reduce the unplanned shutdown times of the cultivation furnace and strengthen the operation management; evaporation station, sedimentation hot water station and other steam consumption (gas station, equipment alkali boiling, flat plate washing water heating, etc.) four parts(brown fused alumina for grinding), and a large amount of steam is required to purge the slurry when it is shut down.(low price white corundum sand factory indonesia)

To improve the circulation efficiency(green carborundum), the following measures should be taken: uniform ore blending, low AK (1.35-1.45), stable alumina concentration in digestion solution no less than 180g / 1; A large amount of fresh steam is needed to preheat the pipeline and equipment every time the start-up is started(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). When the steam instantaneous consumption or the steam consumption on duty fluctuate greatly, the causes can be found one by one from the above four parts for adjustment.

(low price white corundum sand factory indonesia)The improvement of circulation efficiency means that more alumina can be produced by using the circulating mother liquor per unit volume(arc fused alumina). In this way, the equipment capacity is increased proportionally, and the cost of treating solution and unit consumption are reduced proportionally(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). Therefore, with the increase of startup and shutdown times, the more steam is used for purging slurry and preheating, and the steam consumption increases.

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