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Depolarization gas analyzer is used to determine the oxygen in combustible gas or inert gas and gas mixture(brown fused alumina price), which contains little, because they do not contain electrochemically active gas (CLH, his, no, etc.). The principle of this kind of gas analyzer is based on the measurement of the diffusion current generated when the polarization electrode in the electrochemical cell is depolarized by oxygen(green carborundum), magnetic performance and electrical performance.

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Electrolytic gas analyzer is used to determine the trace concentration of oxygen in various gases, especially non acid gases (AR, Na, h, he, CaH2, ethane, etc.) or their mixtures(white fused alumina). The working principle of such gas analyzers is based on the electrochemical depolarization reaction of the cathode half immersed in the alkaline primary battery(silicon carbide companies). The current value on the circuit is proportional to the oxygen content of the mixture to be analyzed.(low price white fused alumina make company indonesia)

The most widely used gas analyzer is one with paper tape or cloth tape(black aluminum oxide). This kind of instrument is mainly used as a portable indicator or a signal when the concentration of combustible gas in the air has reached the explosion risk. The pressure is transmitted to the condenser microphone film of the radiation receiver connected with the corresponding measurement system(arc fused alumina). Detector is one of the most important parts in any kind of colorimeter.

(low price white fused alumina make company indonesia)The gas analyzer based on the physical method is used to analyze some physical properties of the components to be tested in the gas mixture(white aluminum oxide), because it is obviously different from other components in thermal performance, optical performance. The most widely used gas analyzers are thermal conductivity, magnetic force and optical gas analyzers(fused alumina). The principle of electrochemical gas analyzer is based on continuous coulometric titration.

As mentioned above, the working principle of the thermal conductivity gas analyzer is to use the relation curve between the resistance of the conductor with high resistance temperature coefficient and the thermal conductivity of the mixture around the conductor(pink aluminum oxide). For example, the thermochemical gas analyzer uses the contact oxidation thermal effect of the components to be analyzed to analyze the component content(black oxide aluminum).(low price white fused alumina make company indonesia)

However, the thermal conductivity of most gas mixtures can be calculated by the addition equation(white corundum). For example, when the thermal conductivity of one component in a gas mixture is very different from that of other components, the change of the thermal conductivity of the gas mixture is actually the change of the content of this component in the gas(glass beads supplier). Generally, in addition to the above, gas analyzers based on other physical principles are also used.

(low price white fused alumina make company indonesia)Magnetic gas analyzer is mainly used to determine the content of oxygen(silicon carbide price), because it has unique magnetization characteristics, as well as the change effect of volume susceptibility of oxygen when temperature changes. The photoacoustic gas analyzer loses part of energy when the continuous infrared radiation flow flows through the gas mixture layer to be analyzed(aluminum oxide sandblasting), and its value is proportional to the content of components to be measured.

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