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If the physical and chemical properties of these solid particles can meet certain thermodynamic conditions(garnet abrasive price), their surface may accept carbon atoms and become the basic material (nucleation matrix) of graphite nuclei. Therefore, when discussing the inoculation theory, the issues that should be paid attention to are(60 grit aluminum oxide): How does the inoculant change the carbon activity in the molten iron and thereby promote graphitization.

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So far, it has been found that compounds meeting the following conditions have a higher probability of becoming graphite heterogeneous nucleation matrix(glass beads manufacturers). Before the idea of sulfide as the core matrix of graphite was put forward, people have noticed the influence of sulfur on the formation of graphite in gray cast iron; how to create the nucleation conditions of graphite in molten iron(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). The test results are as expected.

(low price white fused alumina manufacturers germany)Some of the particles are similar to a certain lattice constant of graphite crystals (low mismatch), which is beneficial to combine with carbon atoms(pink aluminum oxide). Appropriately increasing the sulfur content will significantly increase the inoculation effect, and basically proves that the more negative the free energy of sulfide formation and the better the stability of sulfide(240 grit aluminum oxide), indicating that sulfur has a certain effect on the graphite nucleation of cast iron.

Sulfides are found in many graphite core materials of gray cast iron and ductile iron, and a small amount of sulfur in gray cast iron is also found(white fused alumina). When the graphite core of cast iron is tested, it is found that calcium, strontium, barium, and money are often dissolved in the third Element or more, such as (Ca, Sr, Mg)S(silicon carbide grit). The character mismatch between these complex compounds and graphite is similar to that of single element sulfides.(low price white fused alumina manufacturers germany)

When the eutectic solidifies(white aluminum oxide), sulfur atoms segregate in the liquid phase and concentrate on the surface of the growing eutectic cluster, which blocks the solid-liquid interface channel through which the atoms diffuse, restricts the growth of the eutectic cluster, and makes the molten iron supercooled to more The low temperature leads to the appearance of D-type graphite(white fused aluminium oxide); it can dissolve cementite, replace the position of carbon atoms.

(low price white fused alumina manufacturers germany)The effect of sulfur on the structure of cast iron is dual(white corundum). It can not only improve the tendency of white mouth, but also promote graphitization. When gray cast iron has low sulfur content (for example, w(S)<0.025%), most inoculants cannot be produced unless a large amount of inoculants containing calcium(low soda alumina), cerium and other elements are added or other late inoculation measures such as in-type inoculation are adopted.

Sulfur is a surface active element and is insoluble in austenite(brown fused aluminum oxide). The thin layer body continues to accept carbon atoms and grows epitaxially to a certain size, becoming the core of graphite crystal. Among the common elements in cast iron, the compound of manganese and sulfur (MnS) is stable, at the same time, have a stabilizing effect on cementite(steel shot abrasive), and even precipitate cementite to promote the formation of white mouth.

After adding these elements to the inoculant, the inoculation effect is indeed significantly enhanced, the stronger the inoculation effect and anti-fading effect(black aluminum oxide); how does the inoculant add to the molten iron affect the thermodynamic properties of the potential graphite nucleation microdomains to effectively cause Graphite generation should be the main part of the concept of inoculation(glass bead abrasive). Normal inoculation effect.(low price white fused alumina manufacturers germany)

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