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Low Sodium White Fused Alumina Manufacturers UK

Its main technical achievements are as follows: creating a hybrid process suitable for China's national conditions at that time, treating high-grade bauxite by white corundum Bayer process, and treating low-grade bauxite by sintering process, which is better than adopting single Bayer process Or the single sintering method can produce 120 grit aluminum oxide with better economic effect. The ratio can guarantee the reactants to combine exactly.

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The strengthening technology of black corundum sintering clinker includes raw slurry proportioning, unsaturated proportioning, lime proportioning, raw coal desulfurization technology and clinker kiln thermal automatic control technology. Unsaturated formula is compared with saturated formula. The basic principle of alumina production by sintering is to realize two chemical reactions in the sintering process, and the molar ratio is respectively, brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers and also affects the productivity of the clinker kiln.

The total output in 2002 is 5.44 million tons, brown fused alumina price with an average scale of 900000 tons. In order to obtain better clinker quality and dissolution index in production practice, the proportion of clinker (n / R) is only 0.92-0.96 by gradually adjusting the proportion, which is much lower than the basic requirement of 1.0, and has become an important technology in alumina production by sintering process in China. The 100 grit aluminum oxide production scale is relatively small and the technical equipment level is relatively low.

Automatic thermal control of rotary kiln is a new technology developed with the extensive application of computer technology in the 1990s. The total output in 2003 is 6.04 million tons, pink corundum with an average scale of 1 million tons. Using lime proportioning to complete the combination of 2CaO · SiO2 directly does not Only the productivity of clinker kiln is increased, and the operation of clinker kiln is stabilized, black silicon carbide manufacturers and the clinker quality is improved.

Since 1954, in less than 50 years, China's carborundum grit industry has not only increased its output by more than 170 times, but also made fruitful progress in technology. In the invention of alumina production technology by sintering process, the required CAD for proportioning is added in the form of limestone (CaCO3). In the sintering process, the decomposition reaction of limestone occurs first, and then the aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media sintering reaction completes the combination of 2CaO · SiO2.

Lime proportioning is relative to limestone proportioning. In the process of white fused alumina raw meal proportioning, adding a certain amount of coal plays a reducing role in the sintering process, reducing the high price sulfur in sodium sulfate to negative divalent sulfur, making it generate ferrous sulfide into red mud, so as to reduce the consumption of soda ash. This technology has become a unique technology for brown aluminum oxide factory production by sintering process in China.

All the operation control parameters of clinker kiln have been put into white aluminum oxide microcomputer management. It has realized the automatic detection and fuzzy logic control of the temperature of the firing zone of rotary kiln, which can increase the production capacity by 5%, reduce the coal consumption by 5% and reduce the yellow material rate by 3%. It is a model for modern technology to transform traditional equipment, silicon carbide abrasive grit which increases the reaction heat in the clinker density.

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