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Low Sodium White Fused Alumina Manufacturers USA

This kind of products include graphite clay reinforcement, distillation tank, plug brick for cast steel, nozzle brick and lining brick for steel barrel, etc(green carborundum). Among them, the most widely used graphite clay crucible field is for steelmaking and smelting non-ferrous metals(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). According to the state of natural graphite, it can be divided into two kinds: flake graphite, microcrystalline block graphite or earth graphite.

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Graphite does not melt and does not produce plastic flow below 2100C(white aluminum oxide). Sublimation occurs at about 3000C under normal pressure. It is easy to oxidize and burn off in oxidation atmosphere and high temperature, which is a big obstacle for graphite to be used as refractories(buy brown fused alumina). The oxidation rate of graphite is related to its crystal structure, particle size and ash content. The flake graphite has strong oxidation resistance.

The scale of graphite is large, which can increase the plasticity of green body and make the green body more compact and not easy to burn(brown fused alumina price). Graphite clay products are made of natural graphite as raw material and clay as binder(silicon carbide companies). The thermal conductivity of graphite is not very strong, and because of the layered structure of graphite, many of its properties show significant anisotropy. 

The thermal conductivity parallel to the layered direction is larger than that perpendicular to the layered direction(black corundum). The same is true for thermal expansion, such as the coefficient of linear expansion, which is very small parallel to the layered direction. Therefore, as the graphite for refractories(brown fused aluminum oxide factory), the one with large scale crystallization and low ash content is preferred; it shall be able to resist the erosion of slag and metal.

The plasticity and binding force of the binding clay shall be high enough to stick the stone toner and clinker into the plastic blank(pink corundum); it is required that its fire resistance and softening temperature shall be high, it can bear the molten metal in the highest use temperature without deformation, etc(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). The quality of graphite is usually measured by the content percentage and granularity of fixed carbon, volatile matter and ash.

In addition, the bonding clay should be easy to sinter (sintering temperature range 1150 ~ 1250 ℃), so as to make the product compact in texture and high in mechanical strength(white fused alumina). The binding clay should be crushed into particles less than 0.5mm when it is used. In addition, the binding clay should have good water dispersibility(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). The clinker requires high fire resistance, compact structure and small shrinkage. 

This is due to the formation of a protective film on the surface of graphite particles by ash during combustion(silicon carbide price). In order to improve the thermal conductivity and fire resistance of the crucible, a small amount of silicon carbide can be added. The clinker used in the production includes clay clinker, wax stone clinker or silica clinker(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). Less ash content is easier to oxidize than more ash content. 

The mechanical strength of the product increases with the addition of SiC to form a framework, the amount of SiC as the filling matrix and the combination of clay(white corundum). According to the different properties of clay, graphite and the use of crucible, the content of each component in the batch can be changed in the following range: Clay 30% ~ 40%, graphite 35% ~ 50%, clinker or silica 10% ~ 30%(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit).

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