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Low Sodium White Fused Alumina Philippines

The furnace mostly adopts shaft furnace and fluidized bed(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The material of the pre reduction furnace enters the furnace from the upper part. Due to the heating and reduction of the high temperature gas flow, the temperature of the material gradually increases from the top to the bottom(240 grit aluminum oxide). As the temperature continues to rise, the temperature reaches the lower part of the furnace is about 1500 ℃.

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The temperature in the upper part of the furnace is 300-400c(brown fused alumina price), the temperature in the middle part of the furnace is 400-700 ℃, and the temperature in the lower part of the furnace is 700-900 ℃. At the same time, the fire-resistant material in the furnace is always subject to the mechanical erosion of the material(green carborundum), the erosion of the high temperature gas flow and the damage of the high temperature thermal shock.

The furnace mostly adopts shaft furnace, smelting reduction furnace, electric furnace or converter(black corundum). The pre reduced material enters the upper part of the reduction furnace, the temperature is 800-900c, and it begins to soften, and the temperature reaches the middle part of the furnace is 900-1100c(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). It must have high peeling resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance, so high quality clay brick or high aluminum brick are often used.

The refractories in the upper part of the furnace are subject to mechanical erosion, high temperature gas flow erosion, thermal shock damage and alkali metal erosion(pink corundum). The refractories in the middle part of the furnace are subject to slag iron erosion, gas flow erosion and alkali metal erosio(silicon carbide companies)n. The refractories in the lower part of the furnace are subject to slag iron erosion, flow erosion, thermal stress damage and alkali metal erosion.

The material selection of smelting reduction furnace must meet the working environment of each part and extend the service life of furnace(silicon carbide price). For the devices using converter and electric furnace, MgO-C brick, mgo-cr2o, brick and mgdolomite brick are mostly used as refractories(80 grit aluminum oxide). Oxygen is supplied to the inner tube, water enters between the inner tube and the middle tube, and water exits between the middle tube and the outer tube.

Material selection of final reduction furnace(white fused alumina). It must have the following characteristics: impact resistance, wear resistance; alkali metal corrosion resistance; slag iron diffusion resistance; It is resistant to slag and iron flow erosion. For the devices using shaft furnace and smelting reduction furnace, al4o-c brick, carbon brick and al2o3-c-sic brick are mostly used as refractories(180 grit aluminum oxide). The pipe body is composed of 3 layers of seamless steel pipes.

The history of converter development can be traced back to 1856(white aluminum oxide), when h. Bessemer invented the acid bottom blown air converter steelmaking process (Bessemer process for short). It is the first time to solve the problem of directly refining liquid steel with molten iron, high staggered brick, but the phosphorus content is as high as 1% ~ 2.5%(fine grit aluminum oxide). Although people have made a series of improvements And the results are not satisfactory.

Material selection of pre reduction furnace(white corundum). In 1879, s.g.thomas invented the basic furnace substrate blown converter process (referred to as Thomas Method), which solved the dephosphorization problem of high phosphorus hot metal, and then quickly prevailed in the United States and Europe, but because Thomas steel-making process used air bottom blowing, the ammonia content in the liquid steel was high(220 grit aluminum oxide), which was easy to produce age hardening.

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